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Benefits of Resolve Facial Rejuvenation vs Facelift

Posted by Andrew on 22-Mar-2017 09:31:03

The visible signs of ageing can be minimised by limiting exposure to the sun and using sunscreen, having a healthy lifestyle, not smoking and generally caring for your skin by using moisturisers and avoiding skin irritants. However, even with the best of care, ageing skin is something we will all experience eventually. 

ResolveTM is a new facial rejuvenation treatment that we have been seeing some amazing results with in our clinic. In this article, we explain how ResolveTM treatments compare to a facelift to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Melasma

Posted by Andrew on 15-Mar-2017 19:11:11

Have you noticed dark patches of pigmentation on your face since taking the contraceptive pill, or during pregnancy? It could be melasma. This common skin condition is often triggered by hormones and shows as darker patches of pigmentation on the face – on the upper lip, cheeks, chin, bridge of the nose and the forehead.

If you have melasma, the great news is that you can see results in just a few treatments using the PicoWay. Unlike traditional (heat producing) lasers, the PicoWay laser works at picosecond speed – a trillionth of a second, making it the world’s fastest laser to give you fast and noticeable results. The PicoWay is safe to use on all skin tones and it produces minimal heat which makes it ideal for melasma treatment as this common skin condition worsens with heat.

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Acne Scars: What the Cosmetics Companies Aren't Telling You

Posted by Andrew on 09-Mar-2017 21:00:15

When spending your hard-earned cash on scar treatments, you need to ask the following questions: Have the results been proven in reliable clinical studies? What are the side effects? How long will it take to see an improvement in my scars? These are some of the questions we should be asking when finding a solution to scarring from acne. 

When researching treatment for acne scars, you will be confronted with hundreds of creams, lotions and serums promising results for which they simply cannot live up to. Persuasive marketing goes a long way in the competitive landscape of the cosmeceutical world, but what aren’t they telling you?

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Top 4 Skin Pigmentation Concerns and Solutions

Posted by Andrew on 22-Feb-2017 11:45:12

Just about everywhere you look, flawless skin is promoted – on the TV, in magazines and by our selfie-obsessed society. Having skin pigmentation concerns can have a real impact on a person’s state of mind. Feeling constantly self-conscious is exhausting and can damage self-esteem and confidence.

So how do you treat your concerns? First, let’s look at 4 of the top pigmentation concerns that we deal with everyday at Detail Smoother Skin Clinic and discuss solutions for them.

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What Causes Acne: 12 Common Triggers Plus Solutions

Posted by Andrew on 14-Feb-2017 11:22:25

To help you tackle the cause of your acne, we’ve come up with a list of 12 potential culprits. Acne can be frustrating and sometimes even depressing but if you’re armed with the information on what could be causing your acne, you’re on the way to finding the right solution.

Acne results when hair follicles become blocked and inflamed due to an over-production of oil in the skin. The clogged pores promote the growth of bacteria and voila, you have a breakout.  Besides genetics and hormones, understanding your triggers can help narrow down your treatment options. Is it stress? Is it dairy? Is it the make-up you’re wearing? Let’s have a look at some key contributors to breakouts.

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First Laser Facial Rejuvenation with ZERO Downtime

Posted by Andrew on 08-Feb-2017 11:39:30

We know that as technology changes, so too do consumer demands. Similarly, as cosmetic treatment side effects have improved, consumers have begun to choose the leading treatments with minimal social downtime.

Previously, laser facial rejuvenation, specifically Fraxel, meant a painful treatment followed by weeks of recovery. Social occasions had to be put on hold for several weeks whilst the skin healed. Fraxel was the preferred laser rejuvenation by dermatologists, but now the same results can be achieved with ZERO downtime and NO pain with ResolveTM.

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Early Treatment of Rosacea Prevents Onset of Serious Symptoms

Posted by Andrew on 25-Jan-2017 12:06:34

Rosacea is a skin condition that can make people self aware and this in turn can fuel the condition. Emotions are one of the causes of this confidence impacting skin condition, along with spicy food, hot drinks, temperature fluctuations, stress, alcohol, exercise and certain drugs. The symptoms are easy to treat early on, however if left untreated the condition typically escalates into much more serious symptoms.

In this article we outline the symptoms, including the first signs as well as the more serious and life changing symptoms that the condition can lead to if left untreated. We also explain the leading rosacea treatment solution in Sydney for maximum results.

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Melasma Management Is A Holistic Approach

Posted by Andrew on 18-Jan-2017 13:48:41

When we think about melasma and how to treat it, we need to talk in terms of a holistic approach. Jut like the journey to losing weight is a holistic approach – healthy diet, more exercise, improved lifestyle – a multi-pronged approach to improving the appearance of melasma will have greater and longer term effects. The management of this skin condition requires a tailored treatment plan based on your particular skin type and symptoms.

Beware the inexperienced operators who recommend IPL or the wrong type of laser as the heat generated only makes the condition worse. Melasma is sensitive to heat so choosing the right treatment is crucial.

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Why Sublative Repairs Acne Scars Better Than Ablative Lasers

Posted by Andrew on 12-Jan-2017 06:29:50

CO2 ablative laser resurfacing hit the media years ago for its frequent side effect of hypopigmentation. Side effects were common due to the lasers being slower and hotter than they are today. The technology has improved over the years, however the results from laser resurfacing come at a cost. In addition to hypopigmentation, you can expect pain, significant downtime with redness and swelling lasting from weeks to months along with a high risk of infection and scarring. The traditional (and outdated) view was that the more aggressive the resurfacing, the better the results, however revolutionary radio frequency technology is turning this assumption on its head.

SublativeTM treatment for acne scars uses radio frequency rather than laser and penetrates deep into the dermis whilst leaving the epidermis largely unharmed. This means minimal downtime with maximum effect on the scarred tissue.

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How To Safely Remove Sun Damage From The Décolletage

Posted by Andrew on 27-Dec-2016 09:23:55

Pigmentation or solar lentigines on the décolletage, or chest area, is a significant problem for many women in Australia. It can be an area that is overlooked when applying sunscreen and the shade from a hat often doesn’t cover it, leaving your skin susceptible to sun damage. Solar lentigines, are flat tan, brown or black spots that appear on areas of the skin exposed to the sun and seen more frequently with age. 

We see many women who want to improve the appearance of the skin on their chest so that they can start to feel younger and wear the bust line that they want, rather than feeling self-conscious or worrying about trying to cover their pigmentation with concealer or foundation.

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