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A Solution For Liposuction Without The Scars & Bandages

Non Surgical Liposuction SydneyMost people will have parts of their body that they would like to tone to improve their shape, drop a dress/pant size or reduce their ‘love handles’. This is the case even for people that eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The Velashape III is a unique body contouring treatment system, also known as non surgical liposuction, to smooth out lumps and bumps that you may not have been able to shift through diet and exercise alone. It's non-invasive which means no incisions, no scars and no compression bandages.

This article looks at how the Velashape III works to provide safe, effective non-invasive body contouring.


How Can The Velashape III Help Remove Unwanted Fat?

Fat deposits can be either visceral or subcutaneous:

  • Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs - stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.
  • Subcutaneous (abdominal) fat is found between the internal layers of the skin and muscle tissue.

Excess visceral fat, which is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, can only be reduced through diet and exercise. Subcutaneous fat is hard to reduce with diet and exercise. It can also form localised pockets around the body. This is the fat that can be targeted using body contouring with the Velashape III.


How Does The Velashape III Work?

The Velashape III uses Electro-Optical Synergy (ELOS) technology, a powerful combination of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and infrared (light) energy along with suction and massage. The combination of these four mechanisms stimulate physiological changes in the body. These are:

  • RF and infrared energy provide deep heating of the fat cells and the surrounding connective tissue. The heat stimulates release of fat (as triglycerides) from the fat cells and reduces their overall size
  • RF and infrared energy causes 'controlled damage' to the deep layers of skin under the treated area and stimulates a wound repair mechanism that includes production of collagen and regeneration of the connective tissue to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • The vacuum and mechanical manipulation promotes increased circulation and the release of excess fluid to further reduce volume in the fat cells

The fat released from the cells goes into the blood stream as triglycerides and is used as an energy source, exactly was it would if the energy came from food. To achieve the optimal results following treatment with the Velashape III, light exercise like walking will help use up freed energy.

Clinical trials performed in countries all over the world have proven that the Velashape III can produce a noticeable improvement in skin firmness and texture over the treated areas and can reduce the size torso circumference by 2 to 3 cm.


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Is it safe?

Completely. The side effects are minimal and complications are rare. There are no risks of scarring or changes in skin pigmentation that are a factor in treatments using laser energy.  

Treatment with the Velashape III is safe, effective and you can go back to your normal routine immediately after your treatment. It has the added bonus of being the number one cellulite treatment in Sydney.

If you have been thinking about body contouring to remove those frustrating lumps and bumps to achieve the smooth silhouette you have been aiming for, book an appointment and let us show you what the Velashape III can do for you.


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