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Am I Too Young For Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Am I Too Young For Laser Skin Rejuvenation?Laser skin rejuvenation is not only for ageing skin, to treat lines and wrinkles, but also for a number of common skin concerns on younger skin such as birthmarks, skin discolouration and scarring for example. People of all ages can be suitable for treatment, even children. At what age you should consider laser skin rejuvenation highly depends on the concern being treated.

Learn about the different types of skin concerns that can be treated with laser, and at what age treatment can be considered.


Common Skin Concerns & Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment



Skin pigmentation occurs naturally due to factors such as sun exposure, hormones and birth conditions. Hyper-pigmentation concerns that can be treated with laser include:

  • Birthmarks
  • Freckles
  • Sun spots, age spots, liver spots
  • Melasma

Many birthmarks and freckles are adorable, however it is common for people to seek treatment for birthmarks that are highly visible, on the face or neck for example. Birthmark laser removal can be done on children as young as two, under the supervision of a highly experienced and certified laser expert.

Skin discolouration or hyperpigmentation such as sun spots can be laser treated at any age. Typically, the earlier treatment is performed, the better the results.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Facial RejuvenationThe first signs of ageing that most people look for are fine lines and a loss of elasticity. A good cosmeceutical skin care regime and healthy lifestyle are the first steps to slowing the signs of ageing. We consider prevention easier than cure and younger skin has the potential to hold the regenerative results for longer.

In our thirties, our natural production of collagen in our skin starts to slow and if you’re already considering laser facial rejuvenation, you’ll be ahead of the game. Eventually, over the years our body stops producing collagen altogether. At this point, it may be too late for laser treatment. If you’ve spent lots of time in the sun, you may consider laser rejuvenation sooner. If you are noticing your skin becoming lax and wrinkles appearing, laser rejuvenation can be considered as a non-invasive anti-ageing solution.


Enlarged Pores & Textural Irregularities

If your days of flawless, smooth, plump skin are behind you, don’t be perturbed, laser treatment with the PicoWay can refine pores and treat textural irregularities. PicoWay Resolve treatment offers no downtime, no pain, and no risk of infection or scarring.


Scarring – Acne Scars and Post-Surgery Scars

For people who suffer from acne scarring or post-surgery scars, laser rejuvenation can be a solution depending on the type and depth of the scar, however we also recommend Sublative acne scar removal treatment as the radio frequency energy remodels the scar tissue more effectively than laser. Patients from adolescence typically seek treatment for acne and scarring concerns.


How Laser Skin Rejuvenation Works

PicoWay Resolve revolutionary technology delivers the laser energy under epidermis and into the dermal layer where the most effective production of collagen and elastin can occur. This also means that the surface of the skin remains intact and therefore, no downtime. Resolve can be used on all skin types, even those prone to melasma and other hyper-pigmentation conditions. The laser is holographic because the hundreds of thousands of laser pinpoints are focused beneath the epidermal layer.

Treatment triggers the body’s natural healing response. Damaged skin cells are eliminated as the body produces new cells to replace them. The new cells give the skin a refreshed, smoother, tighter, younger-looking appearance. The increase in collagen helps repair fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity.


Consult An Expert Skin Therapist

If you are considering laser skin rejuvenation, the first step is to consult with a laser certified, expert skin therapist. At Eden Smoother Skin Clinic, we offer a complimentary consultation and skin analysis with an expert clinician. You can discuss your skin concerns, treatment options and ask any questions that you have.

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