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5 Best Tattoo Removal Clinics To Consider In Sydney

Posted by Andrew on Dec 4, 2017 4:44:43 PM

5 Tattoo Removal Clinics To Consider In SydneyEach year at Detail Tattoo Removal Specialist we see 1000’s of clients at our clinic in Sydney. Many of our clients found us during their research phase and many have moved over to us after beginning their tattoo removal with another clinic. Since we are Sydney’s longest operating laser tattoo removal clinic (opened in 2010), we have seen everything from good results to some seriously horrific damage.

Our responsibility lies in providing honest and accurate information to anyone potentially looking at removing his or her tattoos. In NSW there is no regulation controlling tattoo removal operators therefore consumers are left to look after themselves. Due to this lack of regulation there are many unfortunate individuals that have been scarred physically and scammed financially by unprofessional operators. When you choose a reputable tattoo removal clinic you should expect the tattoo to be cleared with no scars and within a reasonable period of time.


Clinics To Consider

Here are some tattoo removal clinics around the Sydney metro area: 

  1. Eden Laser Clinic: This chain of clinics also has the PicoWay and has been operating for many years. The Picoway is available at the clinic in south west suburb of Liverpool. This chain’s main focus is on hair removal and started offering tattoo removal in the last few years.
  1. Think Again Laser Clinic: Opening in December 2014 in the inner western suburb of Rozelle. Recently upgrading from the older Q-Switched technology to the Discovery Pico- a hybrid picosecond laser system that also has the Q-Switched functionality. 
  1. Tattoo Institute: Newly opened clinic in the western suburb of Parramatta, this clinic relies on the older Q-Switched technology Quanta Q-Plus Evo. This is the first clinic in a proposed chain of franchises.
  1. Vanishing Ink: Based in the northern beaches suburb of Dee Why. This clinic has been operating for many years. Also relying on the older Q-Switched technology Quanta Q-Plus C.
  1. Advanced Dermatology: Located in Bondi Junction in the eastern suburbs this dermatologist upgraded from the Q-Switch laser to PicoWay recently. This clinic also focuses on cosmetic injectables.

These are 5 clinics that you should consider when you are after a quote for laser tattoo removal. We recommend you to take the time and visit at least 2 clinics.


Questions To Ask

Here are the main questions (other than price), that you should ask each clinic:

  • What are the qualifications and experience of the laser operator?
  • Can they show you before and after pictures of full tattoo removal from the clinic (not the laser manufacturer)?
  • How many sessions will it take to remove the tattoo and what will be the total cost for removal?
  • What type of laser do they use?


Understanding Tattoo Removal

Here are some articles for you to assist in understanding tattoo removal:

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Tips For Choosing The Right Clinic

Also, some articles to help you decide on the right clinic for your tattoo removal:

How To Choose The Right Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

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Finally, you have now done your research and educated yourself to help prevent having a bad procedure. The next step is to visit a few clinics so you can meet the clinicians in person. After all, websites and articles only give you the information, you now need to meet the person that is going to perform this very serious procedure. At Detail Tattoo Removal Specialist you can book in for free consultation with our team of qualified and experienced clinicians.

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