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5 Reasons to Choose DETAIL Tattoo Removal Specialist in Sydney

Posted by Andrew on Dec 7, 2015 12:29:42 PM

logo.pngBothered by a tattoo you wish you didn't have? 

If you are in Sydney, you may want to come visit the team at DETAIL Tattoo Removal Specialist. We are quickly becoming one of the most popular tattoo removal companies in Sydney.

What makes us a better choice for your tattoo removal procedure?



  1. Latest & most effective tattoo removal equipment

    By using cutting-edge PicoWay tattoo removal equipment, we can offer you a faster, more effective result.

  2. Highly trained tattoo removal specialists

    The DETAIL Tattoo Removal Specialist team includes only certified, trained individuals to provide their signature tattoo removal services. This means you always know that you are in good hands.

  3. Luxurious treatment rooms

    Every tattoo removal procedure is performed in a clean, private room that with a luxury treatment bed. We try to make you as comfortable as possible for your tattoo removal service.

  4. Flexible payment plans

    DETAIL Tattoo Removal Specialist offers you a number of ways to take care of your tattoo removal expenses, to ensure that our services are accessible to more people.

  5. Complimentary Consultation

    Before your tattoo removal procedure, we'll spend time with you to ensure that you understand what the procedure entails and what your expected results should be. This simple step helps you to make an informed decision before undergoing a tattoo removal procedure. And there is never any pressure to have the procedure done, if you're not totally comfortable with the idea.

So, if you have a tattoo that you are ready to remove, DETAIL Tattoo Removal Specialist are here to help. And for a limited time, if you order a package of 6 treatments, you can save up to $240 on your procedure (for an average sized tattoo). Call us today and find out for yourself why our customers say we're the best laser tattoo removal service in Sydney!


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