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Can You Get Laser Tattoo Removal On Your Face?

Tattoos are now widely accepted in society, however the negative stigma around face tattoos still remains. Face and neck tattoos impact employment opportunities, and until now, come with a host of unsavoury stereotypes.  The regret of having an... read article

Official: Nanosecond Laser Is Outdated Tattoo Removal Technology

Official: Nanosecond laser is outdated tattoo removal technology - replaced by Picosecond laser.   As reported in our article, “PicoWay Laser Makes Q-Switched Nanosecond Tattoo Removal Obsolete” back in August 2016, nanosecond lasers were starting... read article

Tattoo Removal Going Too Slow? Here's Why & How To Get Fast Results

For some people, removing a tattoo can literally take years. In fact, you can have your tattoo removed in just 4-6 months. If your laser tattoo removal is going too slow, don't put up with it! Find out how to get your tattoo removed or faded fast... read article

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Blogs of 2018

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, especially those that involve medical grade devices, such as laser tattoo removal, it pays to be informed. You can minimise the risk for complications by understanding the differences between tattoo removal... read article

How To Remove Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos Safely & Effectively

Great eyebrows can have a resounding impact on appearance. Beautiful brows help to define facial features and accentuate the eyes.  With the evolution of feather touch or microblading techniques, tattooed eyebrows, also referred to as permanent or... read article

How Many Laser Treatments Does It Take To Remove A Tattoo?

Asking the question, “How many laser treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?” is one of those frustrating questions that doesn’t have a definitive answer. There are numerous factors that influence the number of treatments it takes to remove a... read article

Is Your Laser Tattoo Removal Operator Qualified?

In New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory and South Australia anyone that has a Laser Safety Officer certificate can perform laser tattoo removal. In Queensland, Radiation Health is responsible to issue laser tattoo removal licenses and a... read article

How The Immune System Affects Laser Tattoo Removal Results

How the immune system affects tattoo removal results and ways to increase effective laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal has been around for over 10 years now and the technology is more advanced than ever. Laser tattoo removal has now become a... read article

What To Expect After Laser Tattoo Removal

At Eden Tattoo Removal we have noticed our clients are more informed today when it comes to the different laser systems available. There is the older technology Nd:YAG Q-Switched laser and also the latest picosecond laser systems. There are an... read article

6 Reasons Why Tattoo Removal Fails

In some cases, tattoo removal can, and does fail, however the good news is that failure is completely avoidable when you know what to look out for. Compare a Barina driven by your grandmother to an Audi driven by a professional driver - the... read article

Why Tattoo Cover Ups Don't Work

If you're considering a tattoo cover up, beware! There is only one thing worse than a bad tattoo - a bad cover up. One of the most difficult things for a tattooist to master is cover ups. It's not just about finding a design big enough to cover the... read article

Top 5 Worst DIY Remedies for Tattoo Removal Gone Wrong

Self expression through body art has been around for centuries, however with the recent proliferation of tattoos, tattoo removal is on the rise as well. As life changes, many people are opting to have their tattoos removed, but some make costly... read article

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost In Sydney?

"How much does laser tattoo removal cost in Sydney?" is the most commonly asked question when people are searching laser tattoo removal online. The answer can get complicated as the size of the tattoo is only one consideration. A number of other... read article

Safe Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Do you have eyebrow tattoos that have faded or changed colour over time? Did you know that in the most cases it’s quicker to remove eyebrow or other cosmetic tattoos than traditional tattoos? This is good news if you are wanting to remove your... read article

PicoWay vs PicoSure: An honest comparison

Picosecond lasers are the next generation of laser tattoo removal system. The promise is faster tattoo removal with less pain than Q-Switched nanosecond laser. Picosecond laser systems have now been in the market for over 2 years and the client... read article

Fastest Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney for Tattoo Regret

Are you one of the thousands of people seduced into getting a tattoo while overseas? At our clinic, we have treated many people that were living with tattoo regret after an overseas tattoo parlour took pleasure in tattooing them while intoxicated.... read article

PicoWay vs Discovery Pico: An Honest Comparison

In the last 2 years the standard for tattoo removal has conclusively moved away from the Q-Switched laser systems to Picosecond systems. The consumer now also has a few other choices other than the PicoWay (the system we use) or the PicoSure. read article

5 Best Tattoo Removal Clinics To Consider In Sydney

Each year at Eden Tattoo Removal Specialist we see 1000’s of clients at our clinic in Sydney. Many of our clients found us during their research phase and many have moved over to us after beginning their tattoo removal with another clinic. Since we... read article

Warning Signs You Chose The Wrong Tattoo Removal Clinic

This may surprise you, tattoo removal is one industry where consumers are not protected. If you've had laser tattoo removal before and never went back, or if you've lost count of the number of treatments you've had because you're not getting a... read article

Don’t Roll The Dice With Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney

You wouldn’t get into a car with an inexperienced and unlicensed driver, so why do people put themselves under a high-powered laser with people that are not experienced or qualified to use a laser? In the wrong hands, lasers can and do inflict... read article

Latest Technology For Multi-Colour Tattoo Removal

There is a lot of science behind removing a multi-coloured tattoo by laser. The reason why multi-coloured tattoos are far more difficult to remove than black tattoos is because different colours of ink pigment absorb different levels of energy... read article

When Tattoo Removal Goes Very Wrong

Earlier this year we highlighted the growing trend of people seeking cheap tattoo removal alternatives including acid injections and IPL. Yesterday, Channel 9 reported on an Adelaide woman who was awarded one million dollars after suffering chemical... read article

The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal - PicoWay Vs Nanosecond

If you have been researching laser tattoo removal providers, you will by now know that the cost for laser tattoo removal can vary wildly among providers. Price is always a factor and you may have also heard that Picosecond tattoo removal is much... read article

How To Choose The Right Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Disappointed with your current tattoo removal clinic? Some days at Eden Tattoo Removal it feels like damage control – trying to fix the mess of attempted tattoo removal from inexperienced clinics using out-dated techniques and technology. Tattoos... read article

How To Safely Remove Cosmetic Tattoos

Have you ever noticed people with blue, grey or red eyebrows that look really out of place as they don’t match their complexion or hair tone? Chances are that they have had cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and the colour has faded to a different colour... read article

How Your Tattoo Could Cost You Thousands

The latest tattoo trends include hip tattoos, inner arm tattoos, photorealistic (life-like) tattoos, tiny tattoos, script tattoos and geometric tattoos. Small tattoos on your hip are easy to cover but larger ones on arms, hands, legs or neck are... read article

Painless Laser Tattoo Removal - Does It Exist?

One of the main reasons why people avoid having their unwanted tattoo(s) removed is the perception that it is painful. There certainly are painful and potentially dangerous methods for attempting to remove a tattoo including dermabrasion,... read article

Laser Tattoo Removal: Why Dodgy Operators Are So Dangerous

There are literally hundreds of laser tattoo removal clinics across Australia, but not all of them are equal, as some people are finding out the hard way. There are different types of lasers which will give you varying results, but equally as... read article

The Little Known Facts About Tattoos

As a form of permanent self-expression, tattoos help to define individuality and are now a thoroughly ingrained aspect of our culture. The first tattoos date back to around 6,000 BC, so they’re nothing new, however today their popularity has... read article

How Soon Can I Remove or Fade a New Tattoo?

Have you ever had that feeling of regret looking at your new tattoo? Or that sickening feeling of looking at your skin with a brand new tattoo and instantly hate it? The list of reasons why people choose to have their tattoo removed is endless, but... read article

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney With No Cost Surprises

The cost for tattoo removal can easily skyrocket if you have no guarantee on the total price for the final result. Many clinics quote a cost per treatment to make it seem cheaper. When you start laser tattoo removal, you may have that worry about... read article

Know Your Tattoo Removal Operator or Risk Severe Burns

Making a decision to have your tattoo removed is a serious matter. Selecting the right technology is only the first step in a complex process. The next is ensuring the operator is expertly trained and experienced in the laser tattoo removal... read article

How Tattoo Cover-ups & Laser Tattoo Removal Are Linked

Planning on updating your tattoo? Before you get re-inked, there are a few things you need to know because a bad cover-up is worse than a bad tattoo. Or worse still, if you are trying to cover-up a name and it shows through your new tattoo, your... read article

Switching To PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal - Top Reasons

If you’ve suffered through the pain and repetition of Q-switch laser tattoo removal treatment, then it would be understandable if you’d given up on getting rid of your tattoo or if you decided to try another way. At Eden Tattoo Removal, laser tattoo... read article

PicoWay Laser Makes Q-Switch Tattoo Removal Obsolete

You may think that all tattoo removal lasers are basically the same, but in fact they are not. It’s like trying to compare a Commodore to a Ferrari. The speed at which a laser delivers energy to the tattoo ink makes a huge difference on the quality... read article

How To Safely Remove A Tattoo – Laser Tattoo Removal

Our skin is crucially important, it is our largest organ and it performs essential functions for our body. Therefore, it’s imperative that the right choice is made when deciding on tattoo removal options. At Eden Tattoo Removal, laser tattoo removal... read article

Impact Of Tattoos In The Corporate Workplace

These days everyone seems to have a tattoo. With tattoos becoming more and more mainstream, you may not even think twice before getting yourself inked, but when it comes to the workplace, visible tattoos may be impacting your opportunities more than... read article

Tips On How To Avoid Scarring From Tattoo Removal

The only thing worse than a tattoo that you no longer want is a scar in its place. Unfortunately, with an unregulated tattoo removal industry, Australians are suffering the consequences of untrained and irresponsible operators. At Eden Tattoo... read article

What To Expect Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Your first session of laser tattoo removal can be a bit daunting. You may have heard that laser tattoo removal can be painful which can cause some anxiety. At Detail Tattoo Removal, in Sydney, we have invested in the most advanced technology to give... read article

Tried Laser Tattoo Removal Before? Best New Technology

At Eden Tattoo Removal, specialists in Sydney, we often hear the comment, "I've tried laser tattoo removal before and it didn't work." or "it was too painful" or I stopped after 8 sessions". Our answer to this is, "You haven't had laser tattoo... read article

Top 10 Reasons For Laser Tattoo Removal

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to go under the laser to remove or fade their tattoo(s). For some, life has taken a new course, for others it's to improve job prospects. Whatever the reason, it's what the dedicated team at Eden Tattoo... read article

Why Are Tattoos So Difficult To Remove?

Tattoos are notoriously difficult to remove and over the years technology and treatments have improved, with laser being the clear leader for effective tattoo removal. However care and consideration for the type of laser you choose is important. In... read article

Laser Tattoo Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that many of our clients decide that their tattoo needs a re-work or they have an updated design in mind? Do you love your tattoo and want it updated, or do you want to remove part of it to have it re-inked? Perhaps your tattoo has lost... read article

Tattoo Removal - Consumer Scarring Warning

At Eden Tattoo Removal Specialist we are hearing with increasing frequency, beauty clinics marketing acid injections or IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments as a cheap tattoo removal option. If you have been considering acid injections or IPL to... read article

What To Expect In A Free Laser Tattoo Removal Consult

Not sure what to expect during a consultation?  Don't worry, you're not alone!  It's normal to have questions and be wondering what to expect.  In this article we walk through the laser tattoo removal consultation process at Eden Tattoo Removal... read article

PicoWay Laser Wins Prestigious Tattoo Removal Award

In the UK's recent THE Aesthetic Industry Awards, the PicoWay by Syneron-Candela won the award for The Best PicoSecond Laser.  THE Aesthetic Industry Awards honours the best leaders and innovators in the aesthetic industry and the winners are judged... read article

A Warning On The Cost Of Laser Tattoo Removal

If you are investigating prices at different clinics for laser tattoo removal in Sydney, it is important to get all the details of the treatment options in writing. Some clinics deliberately underestimate the number of treatments required to entice... read article

Can I Remove Some Of My Tattoo To Update It?

Do you love your tattoo but want to remove parts or elements of it to have it updated or re-designed? At Eden Tattoo Removal, we have state-of-the art laser tattoo removal technology with laser precision to within millimetres so you can have the... read article

Tattoo Removal Trends In Australia

Tattoo trends in Australia have been on the increase since the 90's, therefore the rise in laser tattoo removal is not surprising. The rate of growth in tattoos is mainly due to the number of younger Australians getting a tattoo; 36% of 18-25 year... read article

How To Prepare For Your Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

You've done your research on laser tattoo removal in Sydney and decided that this procedure is happening. Whether you are doing it because you no longer like your tattoo, you regret it or you love your tattoo and would like it faded to be re-inked,... read article

The Top 5 Questions People Ask About Laser Tattoo Removal

We have removed or faded hundreds of tattoos in Sydney and we've noticed that people come to see us for one of two reasons - they don't like the tattoo anymore and want it gone, or they love their tattoo but want a blank canvas for a new tattoo /... read article

Tattoo Removal Why Colours Are Not Removed Equally

If you've made a trip to the beach recently, you might have noticed that tattoos have become so popular that they can't really be considered radical anymore. Around a quarter of Australian men and women aged 20-29 have at least one tattoo and the... read article

What is a Tattoo?

  Before we look at how to effectively remove a tattoo in Sydney, let's look at what a tattoo is. Humans have been tattooing their skin for thousands of years, and in recent years tattoos have become a highly artistic form of self expression and... read article

The Science Behind Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

The methods for tattoo removal available over the last few decades have been pretty drastic and produced variable results. Surgery, dermabrasion and freeze-burning the skin often left behind scarring that was worse than the tattoo itself. This... read article

5 Reasons to Choose DETAIL Tattoo Removal Specialist in Sydney

Bothered by a tattoo you wish you didn't have?  If you are in Sydney, you may want to come visit the team at Eden Tattoo Removal Specialist. We are quickly becoming one of the most popular tattoo removal companies in Sydney. What makes us a better... read article

Lost in Translation

Statistics show the popularity of body art continues to rise. Over 25 percent of Australian’s under the age of 30 have at least one tattoo. Talented artists have entered the industry, many with fine arts training. There is an overall impression of... read article

When Myth Becomes Legend

The tattoo industry is growing daily, with new parlours, both glamorous and shoddy, springing up like mushrooms after a rainy day. Tattoos are today considered acceptable, a little rebellious, and even glamorous, depending on who you speak to. It is... read article


When a new craze comes around, lots of people get into it. Trends become embedded into a nation’s psyche, although they can also create divisiveness. Some people relish a new experience, while others resist, preferring tradition or familiarity. From... read article

The nature of addiction

Most people would define tattoos as an art or passion, with the term “addiction” seeming a little extreme, and reliant on underlying psychological or physiological conditions. Are these elements associated with tattoos? One tattoo often leads to... read article