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Early Treatment of Rosacea Prevents Onset of Serious Symptoms

Early Treatment of Rosacea Prevents Onset of Serious SymptomsRosacea is a skin condition that can make people self aware and this in turn can fuel the condition. Emotions are one of the causes of this confidence impacting skin condition, along with spicy food, hot drinks, temperature fluctuations, stress, alcohol, exercise and certain drugs. The symptoms are easy to treat early on, however if left untreated the condition typically escalates into much more serious symptoms.

In this article we outline the symptoms, including the first signs as well as the more serious and life changing symptoms that the condition can lead to if left untreated. We also explain the leading rosacea treatment solution in Sydney for maximum results.


First Signs

The first signs of rosacea (also known as facial redness) include frequent flushing or going red, focused on the nose or cheeks. The effect can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Capilliaries swelling under the skin cause the redness. With the repeated flushing, the capillaries start to remain dilated and swollen for longer and can lead to it becoming permanent.


Serious Symptoms

In the majority of cases, if left untreated, rosacea worsens. The continued flushing and redness escalates to pimples, bumps, pustules, papules and bloodshot eyes.

Severe cases can result in facial inflammation, rhinophyma (an enlarged, red bumpy nose, also referred to as ‘bulbous nose’ or ‘phymatous rosacea’) and vision impairment or loss.


A Synergistic Approach to an Effective Management Solution

With varying success rates, there are multiple ways to manage the symptoms of rosacea. The most effective solution is the GentleMax Pro Laser coupled with retinoid (vitamin A) skin care, chemical peels and a personalised lifestyle plan. Vitamin A skin care and chemical peels will help to prepare the skin for laser treatment and ensure maximum results post-treatment.

The GentleMax Pro laser uses the unique 1064 Nd:YAG long pulse wavelength on the treatment area and the number of sessions needed to achieve clearance are usually between 2 and 4. The symptoms can sometimes reoccur over time and a single maintenance treatment when the first signs of redness appear is generally all that is needed.

There is no downtime with the GentleMax Pro so you needn’t worry about any recovery time. Following your treatment, our therapist will design a lifestyle plan with recommendations for reducing the environmental and external factors that trigger the symptoms.


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