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Facial Redness - Could It Be Something More Sinister?

Facial Redness - Could It Be Something More Sinister?How do you know when going red in the face is normal or if you should be concerned? Many people feel flush when they drink alcohol or get angry, however does it happen more often than it should? Going red in the face when embarrassed or when exercising for example is normal, however if you have facial redness more frequently and it is making you feel self conscious then speaking to a skin expert is a good first step. Rosacea, or facial redness, is often incorrectly diagnosed as acne. Without appropriate treatment, it typically worsens and can cause serious side effects.


How Can I Tell If I Have Rosacea?

In the early stages, you will notice flushing on your cheeks and nose, lasting from several minutes to a few hours. The redness is caused by capillaries swelling under the skin. With the repeated flushing, the capillaries start to remain dilated and swollen for longer and can lead to it becoming permanent.

When diagnosing rosacea, your skin expert or health care professional will examine your skin and will be looking for enlarged capillaries along with analysing the history of your symptoms. Rosacea shares several common symptoms with Lupus, so it’s important to get a diagnosis.

If left untreated, in the majority of cases it worsens. The continued flushing and redness escalates to pimples, bumps, pustules, papules and bloodshot eyes. Severe cases can result in facial inflammation, rhinophyma (an enlarged, red bumpy nose, also referred to as ‘bulbous nose’ or ‘phymatous rosacea’) and vision impairment or loss.


The Leading Rosacea Management Solution

There are many triggers for facial redness including spicy foods, alcohol, temperature fluctuations, stress, exercise and emotions. The most effective solution is the GentleMax Pro Laser coupled with retinoid (vitamin A) skin care, chemical peels and a personalised lifestyle plan.

To achieve clearance is usually between 2 and 4 treatments. Over time, the symptoms can sometimes reappear and a single maintenance treatment when the first signs of redness appear is generally all that is needed.

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There is no downtime with the GentleMax Pro. Following your treatment, our therapist will design a lifestyle plan with recommendations for reducing the environmental and external factors that trigger the symptoms.


Next Step

If you are concerned about facial redness, the next step is to book a complimentary consultation at Eden Laser Clinic. A skin expert will assess your skin and discuss a tailored treatment plan with you. During your free consultation we will discuss with you how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your treatment.

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