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How Men Fight The Signs Of Ageing In Their Lunch Break

How Men Fight The Signs Of Ageing In Their Lunch BreakGuys, we know that when you’re in your prime, it’s all about “work hard, play hard” and couple that with Australia’s sunny (but harsh) climate, that ethos can take a toll on your skin and make you look years older.  In today’s professional world, appearance is highly valued and presenting the best version of yourself can pay dividends. 

A recent Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) survey revealed that, “75 per cent of Australian men now think it’s acceptable to have anti-ageing treatments to address premature ageing.” The survey found that the most popular treatments for Aussie men were wrinkle treatments, non-surgical fat reduction and laser hair removal. At Detail Smoother Skin Clinic, Sydney’s specialist skin and laser clinic for men and women, we specialise in the latest skin and body treatments with cutting-edge technology. Treatments can be done in your lunch break, with no downtime.


Anti-Ageing Treatment – fast, painless and no downtime

Using injectables will leave you with an unnatural look and evidence of having a cosmetic procedure. ResolveTM laser facial rejuvenation is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment for men as there is no sign of treatment (ie no injection marks), no pain, it can be done in your lunch break and you can go straight back to work after. The laser energy is focused in the dermis, and creates tiny wounds under the surface of the skin. This naturally triggers a process of repair, where new cells are recruited from the undamaged sections to repair the tissue and produce new collagen and elastin.

Anti-ageing treatment with ResolveTM treats fine lines and deep wrinkles, improves scars, reduces acne and acne scars, evens out skin pigmentation like age spots and improves skin texture. The ResolveTM system is safe to use on all skin types. There is no risk of scarring, infection or changes to skin colour. We offer a complimentary consultation, click on the button below to book, or to see treatment pricing.


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Non-Surgical Liposuction

At Detail Smoother Skin Clinic, we also offer non-surgical liposuction treatments to target those stubborn areas of fat or to help sculpt areas that the gym can’t. It also has the added benefit of skin tightening so you won’t be left with loose skin following treatment. To check out our pricing, simply click on the link below.


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Laser Hair Removal

We offer the fastest and most efficient laser hair removal with the leading laser hair removal devices. You can be hair-free in just 6-8 sessions, versus up to 15 sessions at other clinics. To see our everyday competitive pricing on laser hair removal, click on the link below.


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Next Steps

If you have been considering treatment for your ageing skin without noticeable signs of treatment and with no downtime, book an appointment for ResolveTM facial rejuvenation. For non-invasive body sculpting, try our non-surgical liposuction and skin tightening and if you want to ditch the razor or clippers, book in for fast and comfortable laser hair removal.

We are Sydney’s leading skin and laser clinic and offer a free consultation so you can come in, discuss your skin or body concerns and we can answer any questions that you have. You can either give us a call on 02 9231 5999 (Detail for Men) or click on one of the buttons below to ask a question or book a free consultation online now.


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