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How To Manage Rosacea Or Facial Redness

How To Manage Rosacea Or Facial RednessDo you suffer from flushed cheeks, often looking like you’re embarrassed, sunburnt or having a breakout? Many people incorrectly diagnose this skin condition as an allergic reaction or acne. If you have redness of the face, neck or chest, which can occur with small red bumps, you may have an inflammatory skin condition called rosacea. It is common for this skin condition to improve and then flare up again repeatedly. If left untreated, it can worsen over time. In this article we look at the symptoms and treatment options for managing it.



Rosacea can effect anyone, however it is more common in females with fair skin, between 30 and 60 years of age. A family history will also make you more susceptible. Symptoms include:

  • Blushing or to flush in the face
  • Sensitive skin (face), can be irritated by cosmetic or sunscreen products
  • Acne or pimples
  • Facial redness, often extending to the neck and chest
  • Lumps under the skin
  • Enlarged capillaries, also called telangiectasia
  • Eye problems – dry or irritated eyes, red or swollen eyelids


What Causes Rosacea?

While the causes are not yet known and there is no permanent cure for this skin condition, it can be aggravated by increased blood flow to the surface of the skin, for example from alcohol consumption, sun exposure, hot/ spicy foods, hot drinks, embarrassment, anger, stress, exercise and some medications.

At Detail Smoother Skin Clinic, we have treatment options to reduce the effect of rosacea and some of the associated conditions such as:

  • Acne or pimples
  • Spider veins or enlarged capillaries (telangiectasia)
  • Facial redness

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Managing Rosacea

Multiple skin conditions can often present along with rosacea. The best way to have your skin condition and skin type accessed is by a qualified clinician. At Detail Smoother Skin Clinic Sydney, we offer a free consultation where a skin expert will assess your skin and discuss treatment options with you. We offer personalised skin care strategies to treat your skin concerns, either individually or in a more holistic approach including:

  • Skin peels
  • Laser – GentleMax Pro
  • Skincare

During your free consultation we will discuss with you how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your treatment.


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