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Is There A Cure For Melasma?

Is There A Cure For Melasma?

When suffering from a chronic skin condition such as melasma - a condition that often persists for years - and trying treatment after treatment with little to no improvement is often frustrating and can lead to emotional distress. 

Underlying hormonal issues and living in Australia are two key contributors to the occurrence of melasma. For effective treatment, unless you can get your hormones under control and move to a place where you can completely avoid sun exposure, then a viable management solution is needed.


Cure vs Management

Not unlike other chronic medical conditions, melasma treatment is a management solution. There is still no "cure" for melasma... but thank goodness there is Cosmelan and ResolveTMThese two solutions offer an effective treatment for melasma by removing pigmentation and managing reoccurrence. 

For people with darker skin types IV-VI, melasma is more challenging to treat and additional factors need to be considered.

Effective treatment involves a 3-step approach: 

  1. Remove the pigmented lesion - Cosmelan & ResolveTM 
  2. Stop formation of new pigment - Cosmelan 2
  3. Maintenance



To break down the darker pigment in the skin, we use cutting edge laser technology - PicoWay ResolveTM. It is unique as it is one of only a few lasers that produces very little heat - this is important as any treatment that produces heat is likely to stimulate more melasma. The body's natural immune system clears the broken down pigment. To see treatment pricing, simply click below.

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Cosmelan professional peel is recommended for darker skin types, IV-VI. This intensive peel is left on the face for 6-8 hours. This additional treatment removes the pigment externally from the epidermal layer, as well using ResolveTM to remove the pigment internally. 


Cosmelan 2

The next step is to stop the formation of new pigmentation. Cosmelan 2 is a very powerful serum that does this safely. Once the pigmented lesion is cleared, a tyrosinase inhibitor is essential and can be used for as long as you want to keep the pigment from reoccurring.


Maintenance & Management

Skin types range from I-VI and every person's lifestyle is different which contributes to the occurrence of melasma. As long as the triggers like sun exposure or hormonal influences are present, these maintenance routines are required to prevent reoccurrence:

  • SPF50 sunscreen every time you are outdoors
  • Wide brim hat every time you are outdoors
  • Active skin care regime used daily
  • 6 monthly ResolveTM treatment


Although there is no permanent "cure", effective melasma treatment is possible but it requires a commitment of ongoing maintenance. The best option is to consult a skin specialist to customise a melasma maintenance program for your particular situation.


Free Skin Analysis Consultation

At Detail Smoother Skin, we offer a complimentary skin analysis consultation, where you can discuss your skin concerns and treatment options with an expert skin therapist. We will give you honest and professional advice and can recommend a plan to effectively manage the melasma. There is no obligation and our job is to educate and set realistic expectations on what can be achieved.

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