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Laser Hair Removal For Men: Myths Busted

Laser Hair Removal For Men: Myths BustedMen of Australia, think about how much time you’ve wasted shaving, clippering, waxing or using hair removal creams to eradicate the never-ending flow of hair from your skin. As inevitable as getting old, facial and body hair will continue to grow, in some form or another.

The only way to “permanently” reduce hair is by laser hair removal. Here, we bust the most popular myths about laser hair removal for men.


Top Myths


You need 8-10 sessions or more

Clinics make their money by turning down the “strength” of the laser so that you need to keep coming back. You should not need 10 or more sessions to remove unwanted hair. At Smoother Skin Clinic in Sydney, we have the best laser for hair removal, the GentleMax Pro which is FDA approved for 80% hair reduction after just 3 treatments. It’s also safe to use on all skin types, even darker skin tones.


It’s expensive

It only gets expensive if you’re paying for multiple sessions that you don’t need! Laser hair removal for men at Detail Smoother Skin Clinic starts from just $9. Guaranteed lowest every day prices, and you don’t need to buy a series of treatments.

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It hurts!

GentleMax Pro laser offers pain-free hair removal due to the patented cooling unit. Traditional IPL hair removal is painful and has been falsely marketed as “laser” hair removal, giving the pain-free, true laser treatments of today, the incorrect perception.


It’s for women

Australian’s now spend more per capita on cosmetic procedures than Americans and men make a large portion of that growth. Laser hair removal is among the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments for men.


It’s permanent

Although some clinics may claim laser hair removal is “permanent”, it in fact is not. It does however provide “long term” hair removal. Due to the body’s incredible ability to regenerate, over time, hair will start to sprout again, for which a maintenance treatment is required.

Laser hair removal might not be 100% permanent but it certainly beats shaving, waxing or other monotonous forms of hair removal. And, as mentioned previously, our GentleMax Pro laser technology is FDA approved for 80% hair reduction after just 3 treatments.


Other Benefits

Laser hair removal for men also offers the following benefits: 

  • No razor blade or waxing in sensitive areas
  • No ingrown hairs or shaving rash
  • No spiky / thick regrowth. Hair typically grows back much finer following laser hair removal.
  • Fast treatment time – around 5 minutes for underarms or back of the neck for example.


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