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Melasma Management Is A Holistic Approach

Melasma Management Is A Holistic ApproachWhen we think about melasma and how to treat it, we need to talk in terms of a holistic approach. Just like the journey to losing weight is a holistic approach – healthy diet, more exercise, improved lifestyle – a multi-pronged approach to improving the appearance of melasma will have greater and longer term effects. The management of this skin condition requires a tailored treatment plan based on your particular skin type and symptoms.

Beware the inexperienced operators who recommend IPL or the wrong type of laser as the heat generated only makes the condition worse. Melasma is sensitive to heat so choosing the right treatment is crucial.


What Is Melasma?

Facial pigmentation can be referred to melasma, chloasma or “the mask of pregnancy”. It is a common skin condition that results in darker, brown, blotchy patches, mainly on the face. It won’t do any physical harm and it won’t turn into cancer, however it can make you feel self conscious.

It can develop during pregnancy, hence the name “the mask of pregnancy,” and usually improves following pregnancy. Sun exposure can bring on melasma and it is more common in people who live in sunny climates and who have a darker skin tone. It is more visible in Summer and can fade during Winter.

The best way to find out if your pigmentation is melasma is to have it diagnosed by a skin specialist.


Symptoms of Melasma

The typical signs are patches of discolouration on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. The marks can appear symmetrical (with matching marks on both sides of the face).

One of the main reasons why people choose to treat their dark patches of discolouration is because of how it makes them feel. It can cause subconsciousness and lower self esteem if make-up cannot be used to cover it adequately.


Holistic Approach to Treatment

We refer to the treatment as “melasma management” as it is a multi-step, ongoing plan. Without maintenance treatment, it typically returns. Detail Smoother Skin are specialists in skin management and will tailor a plan to suit your needs.


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Following your complimentary consultation and skin analysis, you will be given a plan which will include skin peels and laser treatment with the PicoWay laser. As mentioned, melasma is sensitive to heat, therefore any kind of treatment that produces heat will stimulate the condition rather than improve it. The PicoWay is different to other lasers as it the laser is fired at picosecond speeds which is a trillionth of a second. The laser creates a shockwave with next to no heat to effectively target the shatter the pigmentation, breaking it down into minuscule particles for your body to clear through its normal immune system processes. This is the only system that does this without heat therefore melasma is not further stimulated.


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Next Step

For safe and effective melasma management, come in and see the skin experts at Detail Smoother Skin Clinic for a free consultation. We offer personalised skin care strategies to treat your skin concerns. During your free consultation we will discuss with you how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your treatment.

If you already have an appointment booked at Detail Smoother Skin, you can easily add a free treatment consultation to your booking by calling our friendly team on 02 9251 9966.

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