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Non-surgical Eyelid Lift: Everything You Need To Know About Eyelid Rejuvenation

Non-surgical Eyelid Lift: Everything You Need To Know About Eyelid RejuvenationEyelid hoods, droopy eyes, crow’s feet and under-eye bags are all signs of ageing around the eye area that clients are increasingly seeking advice on. These conditions can make a person look older and also tired. More and more people are now seeking surgical and non-surgical eyelid tightening solutions to rectify these conditions.

I will discuss the causes of each eye related concern and outline the realities of each solution.



Eyelid hood or droopy eyes: In rare cases, this is related to an underlying medical condition that requires medical intervention. However, in most cases this is a common issue that occurs more frequently as a person ages. The collagen and elastin in the skin around the eyelid deteriorate as we age. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and forms the skin and connection tissues. Elastin is a highly elastic protein in the connecting tissue that is responsible for the skins ability to bounce back after being stretched. Elastin allows skin to return to its original shape after you pull or pinch it.

As a person ages, the production of new collagen slows down and elastin loses its ability to return to the original state. This results in the eyelid drooping which forms a hood due to gravity and loose skin.

Crow’s feet: The skin around the eye area is extremely thin. As we smile and squint the skin will fold and contract. Over time, the elastin fails to return the skin back to the original state and lines start forming. If left without intervention the lines will crease over and over, becoming more prominent.

Under-eye bags: As we age, the skin under the eye can get loose due to the elastin losing its elastic properties. The skin starts bunching and forms the under-eye bags. Lines can start forming due to the loose skin folds.

All these eye area ageing conditions are quite common and are just part of the ageing process. We can’t stop ageing but with the benefit of science we can stop the visible signs of ageing. Recent technological discoveries allow clinics to use devices to stimulate and kick start the cell renewal process to regenerate the collagen and elastin.



There are a number of different solutions, both surgical and also non-surgical. I will explain how each solution achieves the results and also what to expect from the treatment.

Blepharoplasty surgery

Blepharoplasty is cosmetic surgery performed by a plastic surgeon. This technique is used to restore the eyelid by removing excess skin. The surgery aims to reduce the excess skin by combining the separated skin by suturing the wound. This stretches the skin to lift the eyelid. Blepharoplasty, while effective doesn’t address the issue of ageing skin around the eyelid and the skin around the eyes. The patient will still have collapsed collagen and elastin that has lost its elasticity.

Cost: $8000+

Recovery: Down time that requires weeks of healing. Dry eyes syndrome. Swelling.

Risks: Unnatural appearance.

Discomfort: Local aesthetic means the surgery is painless. Post-operation recovery is painful as you are required to blink so you are disturbing the wound each time you blink.

Results: This technique can produce good outcomes.




Plasma Pen

Plasma pen is a device that produces super-heated gas which then forms plasma at the tip of metal rod. This plasma is used to burn small holes in the eyelid skin in a grid pattern. This is to induce wound healing by traumatising the skin. As the skin heals, new skin is formed to tighten the treated area. This is an alternative to surgery however the recovery can take as long with scabs and swelling like surgery. The biggest problem is the scarring from the plasma burns. The skin on the eyelid and around the eye area is very thin and delicate. There is a high risk of scarring especially if the operator is inexperienced.

Costs: $1000+

Recovery: Down time can be up to 1 week.

Risks: Permanent scarring. Large amount of swelling.

Discomfort: Very painful

Results: Mixed results


Plasma Pen Scarring Courier Mail Source: the Courier Mail 


Sublative RF

Sublative RF is a radio frequency device that sends the energy into the dermis to create controlled heat damage to treated area. This kick-starts the body’s natural immune response, therefore flooding the area with lymphatic fluids. The lymphatic fluids contain the fiboblast cells which are responsible for producing the protein collagen and elastin. The newly regenerated collagen replaces the lost collagen and also repairs the hardened elastin. The results are plumper, lifted eyelids. The fine lines are reduced and improved around the crow’s feet. The repaired elastin restores the loose skin on the eyelid, further allowing the skin to bounce back and the under-eye bags tightened.

Costs: $800 for 4 treatments with 4 week treatment intervals

Recovery: No down time. The treated area will have very fine dots that exfoliate off in 48 hours.

Risks: None

Discomfort: Some discomfort that can be relieved with aesthetic cream.

Results: Eyelid lift, improved crow’s feet lines and tighten under-eye bags. Natural appearance.


Eyelid & Skin Tightening Before & After

Eyelid & Skin Tightening Before & After

Eyelid & Skin Tightening Before & After

Eyelid & Skin Tightening Before & After


Preferred Device Solution

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