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Science Behind Fat Loss & Cellulite Reduction by Diet, Exercise & Devices

Science Behind Fat Loss & Cellulite Reduction by Diet, Exercise & DevicesFat loss solutions are very popular for both men and women. Many people are frustrated that even when they believe they are eating well and do some sort of exercise they are still disappointed with the results. For some women, reducing cellulite almost comes hand in hand with the aim of losing weight. People are turning more and more to medical procedures and medical devices to aid in weight loss. However, part of the solution is knowledge. You must understand the science of weight loss and the limitations of medical procedures or devices.

There are many unscrupulous clinics that will promise the world and take your money even if the results are not up to expectations. It is important to find a clinic that will explain what is achievable and how to achieve it depending on your body type. I will explain how the human body loses weight and how to use scientifically proven devices to assist.


What is calorie deficit?

The human body has evolved through millions of years to function in the environment we live in. We evolved to spend energy to hunt food to provide sustenance. In modern living, we don’t need to spend any energy to find food anymore. In fact, exerting energy is considered a recreation through exercise or sport. This poses a problem, just like a car needs fuel to run and burns the fuel though driving, humans need fuel to function, however if you don’t burn the fuel (energy) and keep adding fuel (food), the fuel will be stored as fat. 

Calorie deficit is the simple concept to reduce the amount of food your body needs per day or exercise to burn more than the amount of energy your body needs per day. This will mean your body will tap into your fat reserves and over time you will lose excess fat. You need to work out your calorie maintenance level with a calorie maintenance calculator for your body size. The average calories required to just maintain your existing body mass is between 2000-3000 calories for men and 1600-2000 for women. The ideal sweet spot is a calorie deficit between 300-500 calories per day or 20% of your body bass. You do not want to eat too little otherwise you will be hungry and lethargic or exercise too much otherwise you burn out. The key is to work out a good balance and not become obsessive about being too strict and risk having a extreme rollercoaster change in size. You must take a moderate and realistic view as a change in lifestyle takes time. Once you get to your ideal size, you can stop the calorie deficit diet and eat the amount to maintain your size.


What is a healthy diet?

What is a healthy diet?In theory, you can eat anything you want to lose fat as long as the calories are in deficit. So you could eat fast food and sweets as long as you are eating 300-500 less calories than your body uses, to lose fat. However, you would not be getting the essential nutrients to build a healthy body. Understanding the different types of food is very important to maintain any fat loss. You must remember a diet doesn’t mean eating less or eating very little. You can in fact eat more, but it must be the right type of food to fill your stomach and resist feeling hungry. What people know as a “food calorie” is actually kilocalorie (kcal) that is simply shortened to calorie. A calorie is equivalent to 4.2 kilojoules (kj). A calorie is a measure of energy and each type of food contains certain amounts. 1 chocolate bar (50g) is equal to 800g of broccoli. Therefore, if you eat the right foods that contain proteins and fibre, you can eat the same amount of food or more.

It is a misconception to have a low carbohydrate diet. What nutritionalists should clarify is that they mean a low simple carbohydrate diet. Simple carbohydrates are processed sugars and starchy foods. This gives a boost of energy with very little else. They are easy to eat and by consuming this type of food, you can easily eat over your calorie requirement. Complex carbohydrates are whole grains and vegetables that are high in fibre like broccoli or sweet potato. These types of foods take longer for your body to absorb the energy and also gives you the satisfied feeling for longer. Add this food type with a balanced diet of protein, good fats and fibre and you have a much healthier combination of calories you need per day. So losing a chocolate bar every day and replace it with a bowl of brown rice will give you a net reduction of 400 calories. As long as you eat 300-500 calories less than your usual amount, you will lose fat. It is important to design a healthy diet that you will stick to so book a consultation with a nutritionalist so you can work out foods that you will eat.


How to exercise

How to exerciseExercise is difficult for some people to commit to, to lose fat. This is the main reason most people choose radical crash diets or surgery. However, exercise is the best way way to lose fat and in turn have a healthier body for better living. Our bodies were designed to move and to burn energy while looking for food. Our modern lifestyle has made physical activity a choice rather than a necessity, therefore unless you consciously think about exercising some people get very little of it. 

The most important thing is to be active for at least 30-45mins of the day. Cardiovascular exercise  can be jogging, cycling or tennis. As long as you are increasing your heart rate you are burning fat. 20 minutes of exercise burns around 100 calories. However, once you start exercising, what you thought was difficult in the first week becomes easier as your body gets used to it and thus you do need to increase the intensity regularly to get the same increased heart rate.

Resistance training or lifting weights is also important for weight loss. A 30min average weight training session burns around 100 calories while a 30min intense weight training session burns around 200 calories. The fat loss is great but the main benefit is that you are increasing your metabolic rate. As you gain muscle, your body burns more fat. This even happens when you are not active. You must also understand fat loss is different to weight loss. When you start losing fat and start to gain some muscle, your weight may stop dropping and may level out or even gain weight. Muscle weighs more than fat but is more dense so you will feel more compact. You clothes will feel looser as you will drop in size. Worry more about how your body shape looks rather than the weight on the scales.

Seek advice from a personal trainer to work out the best work out routine that you will stick with.


Medical device that works - Velashape III

Even with a healthy diet and exercise most people have problem areas where fat accumulates. For men, it is the gut and love handles. For women, it is the thighs and buttocks. As well, cellulite tends to remain on women even when they reduce fat.

Visceral fat is fat around the organs and subcutaneous fat just under the skin. Fat loss is a slow process with diet and exercise because the body burns fat equally from the whole body. Diet and exercise can not target specific areas due to this.

Liposuction surgery can effectively suction away the fat with cannulas. However, not many people want to endure an invasive and costly medical surgery to remove fat from problem areas. This is where the VelaShape III is an effective alternative. VelaShape III uses 4 modalities; RF energy, IR energy, vacuum and tissue manipulation to target fat in the specific areas to reduce the size of the fat cells. 

The radio frequency (RF) and infra-red (IR) energy heat up the fat cells to stimulate the body to convert the fat into triglycerides. The body then rids this through the waste system. The heated area also forms new collagen and elastin to firm up the skin around the treated area. The vacuum and tissue manipulation helps fluid build up in the areas treated. Even Victoria's Secret models use the VelaShape III to tighten their problem areas before runway shows and photo shoots. 

VelaShape III is FDA approved to reduce the circumference of the trunk area by 3cm. As well, for women VelaShape III is FDA approved to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Holistic approach

Only using one of each of these: diet or exercise or device may not be effective for you. Most people give up because they don’t see the results and find it all too hard. The best approach is to combine all these together to kick start your fat loss goal.

Combining a change in diet with exercise means you can increase your calorie deficit or meet your calories deficit with just dieting or exercising alone. Add some weight training and you can add muscle so you burn more fat, even at rest. Choosing a healthier alternative for one of your meals along with doing a 20 minute run with 20 mins weights, is easier than eating well all day or doing 1 hour run every day. Add VelaShape III treatment once a month for 4 sessions will ensure you target the problem areas.


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