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Spider Vein Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Spider Vein Treatment Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat's causing my spider veins and how do I get rid of them? Will they turn into varicose veins? What's the best treatment? If you are researching and contemplating spider vein treatment in Sydney, you probably have a list of questions that you want answered. The more you research, the more questions you may have.

At Eden Laser Clinic, we are Sydney's leading specialist skin and laser clinic and we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding the removal of spider veins. We answer questions regarding the veins themselves as well as the leading treatment. If you still have questions at the end, feel free to call us or book in for a free consultation.

Spider Vein FAQ's

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins (telangiectasia), called so because of their spider web like appearance, are small blood vessels that develop near the surface of the skin. They are very common in both men and women, affecting a large portion of the population. Spider veins are most commonly found on the legs and face, particularly the nose and can be red, blue or purple. Most of the time spider veins will appear on the legs from pressure due to weight, gravity and the task of carrying blood. Leg veins suffer the most amount of pressure, being the furthest away from the heart. 

What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider and varicose veins are the result of weak or damaged valves in the veins. Contributing factors can include; family history, ageing, obesity, hormonal changes, pregnancy, taking the pill, extended sun exposure, weak valves and standing for long periods of time. 

Are They Different from Varicose Veins?

Yes, there is a difference, while spider veins are small, varicose veins are enlarged veins that become dilated and twisted. These veins are usually noticeably raised above the surface of the skin. Varicose veins are usually blue or purple. 

Who Gets Spider Veins?

Spider veins are very common in both adult men and women. They are particularly common in women and usually become more noticeable with age.

What Are The Side Effects?

Luckily, spider veins usually do not have any harmful side effects or symptoms; however, some people may find they experience swelling, aching or itching. Many people who suffer from them comment that they feel self-conscious.

Are There Complications?

As the majority of the population do not suffer with side effects, complications are rare. However, those that do suffer complications may develop skin ulcers which are usually found on the lower leg and can leave open wounds and lead to skin infections. It is essential to have any troublesome veins assessed by a healthcare professional.


Spider Vein Treatment FAQ's

What Is The Best Treatment?

GentleMax Pro is a proven laser therapy treatment that targets spider veins. It works by heating up the blood in the targeted veins to coagulate the blood. The treatment area is then cleared by your body's circulatory system.

What Does It Feel Like?

Majority of recipients find this treatment pain free and very comfortable. Following a session with the GentleMax Pro you may find some redness and heat on the surface for a few hours following treatment. However, the laser does not disrupt the integrity of the skin and consequently there is no real downtime following treatment.

Is It Safe?

The GentleMax Pro is an FDA approved, safe treatment. The laser effectively destroys the problem veins, clearing your skin. Thousands of treatments have been performed worldwide.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Depending on the severity of the veins, usually 2 to 4 treatments are required to achieve clearance. In some cases the spider veins are clear in a single treatment. In the event of a reoccurance, a single maintenance treatment may be performed.

How Much Does It Cost?

Costs associated with any treatment will vary patient to patient. The best way to work out an accurate quote is to visit our clinic and speak with our specialists for a free consultation and analysis. To see our price list, simply click on the button below:

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