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The Science Behind VelaShape Cellulite Treatment Sydney

VelaShape cellulite elimination SydneyWhen looking for a solution for your cellulite, you want to find a treatment that actually works. When researching the best cellulite treatment, before and after photos are ok, clinical trials and hard science is what you actually want.

But, medical Journals are not consumer friendly and are hard to find for the specific information. At Detail Smoother Skin Clinic, we specialise in cellulite treatment in Sydney and have access to the latest information and medical resources. This ensures we remain experts in our field.

In this article, we discuss a clinical trial that was published in the Journal Of Cosmetic And Laser Therapy and the results achieved by the VelaShape that lead to FDA approval for the treatment of cellulite.


What Is VelaShape?

The VelaShape is an innovative device that combines bi-polar radio frequency (RF), intense infrared light (IR) and mechanical massage and suction for the safe and effective treatment of cellulite. This 4-pronged system stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for noticeable and long-term results.

Clinical trials with the VelaShape have shown:

  1. Reduction in the appearance of cellulite
  2. Noticeable improvement in skin firmness and texture over the treated areas
  3. Circumference reduction of up to 3cm

A program of 4 treatments spaced two weeks apart is recommended for optimal cellulite reduction, skin tightening and body contouring. An option for a single treatment (VelaOnce) for body contouring may be more convenient for busy people or for those preparing for a special event.


The Study

The clinical trial performed and published in the Journal Of Cosmetic And Laser Therapy was entitled: “Effects of cellulite treatment with RF, IR light, mechanical massage and suction treating one buttock with the contralateral as a control.”

During the study, patients received treatment on one buttock, with the other buttock being the control. Patients were required to note their results and satisfaction rates and these were used along with the clinical data. Before the final treatment and also at 2 months post-treatment, patients reported an improvement in the treated buttock. From the first treatment and continuing throughout the treatment period, an improvement in skin appearance was reported. “All patients were satisfied with the results and requested further treatment in order to balance the results in both buttocks.”

The study concluded, “Treatment sessions with the combined RF, IR light and mechanical massage and suction system were complication free, produced improvements in the overall cellulite appearance and skin condition, suggesting that further treatment sessions for maintenance could sustain patient satisfaction index (SI) and lead to lasting results.”

There is a multitude of so-called cellulite treatment options on the market that have limited effect on the long-term appearance of the skin. The VelaShape is the only device that combines four functions to effectively treat cellulite and can be safely used on all skin types.


Next Steps

The best way to have your skin condition assessed is by a qualified clinician. At Detail Smoother Skin Clinic we offer a free consultation where we can give you personalised information and answer any questions you have.

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