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Top 12 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal For Men

Top 12 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal For MenSo, your partner likes you hair-free…There’s lots of reasons why more men than ever before are now having laser hair removal, and keeping your partner happy is just one of them. With the latest technology, treatment is now virtually painless and prices are competitive, so what have you got to lose? 

Find out the top 12 benefits of laser hair removal for men in Sydney and how to choose the right clinic for your treatment as not all lasers and clinicians are equal.


Laser Hair Removal – Top 12 Benefits for Men


1. No more shaving rash or ingrown hairs

One of the top benefits for hair removal by laser is never having shaving rash or ingrown hairs again. If you have the type of skin that scars from ingrowns, then an added bonus is no more scarring too.

2. Increased confidence

Being overly hairy can make some people feel self-conscious. Having the freedom to wear whatever you want can boost confidence, giving way to more opportunities.

3. Show more muscle definition

If you’ve got muscles to bare, you’ll see more definition with long-term hair-free skin. Remove the stomach rug to show-off those abs.

4. Hair-free skin for tattoos

If you’re a tattoo lover, having hair-free skin can show more detail in your tattoo. Having hair removal before you get inked also avoids shaving rash or ingrowns when you do go to get your tattoo.

5. More spare time, no more maintenance

Save yourself from the daily grind and monotony of shaving or waxing! Think about all the things you could be doing instead of shaving or waxing.

6. Keep your partner happy

Your partner will thank you (and probably in more ways than one). Most people appreciate their partner being hair-free in all the right places.

7. You can choose your level of hair reduction

If you don’t want to go completely hair-free, no problem. You can simply thin-out your hair rather than go completely bald if you choose. The Gentle technology at Detail Smoother Skin is FDA approved for 80% hair reduction in just 3 sessions.

8. Sculpt your beard (or other areas)

You can sculpt your beard or the back of your neck with laser hair removal. Helps to maintain that well-groomed appearance.

9. No more shaving or waxing delicate areas

Gentle laser technology is virtually pain-free. Also, no more nicks and scrapes in delicate or sensitive areas.

10. Take better care of your skin

Being able to see your skin more might just motivate you to look after your skin better. Looking after your skin helps to slow down the signs of ageing so it’s a win-win.

11. Be Speedo-ready 24/7

You never know when spontaneous adventure will strike so always be at the top of your game and ready for anything.

12. Save money in the long run

The cost of razors or waxing appointments adds up over the years. Detail Smoother Skin have the most competitive laser hair removal prices in Sydney as well as the leading technology and highly-skilled and laser safety certified skin therapists.


Reasons To Choose Smoother Skin Clinic

  • Eden clinicians are all qualified skin therapists
  • Extensive expert training on models before performing treatment on clients
  • Detail clinicians understand skin response and device parameters to achieve the Maximum Effective Threshold to ensure each treatment has results
  • Ongoing clinical training with industry expert medical practitioners
  • Client care and education during consultation, treatment and post-treatment
  • Operating since 2006 with 1000’s of satisfied clients
  • Leading laser hair removal technology
  • Committed to the best quality and service

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