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Top 4 Causes For Dark Spots of Pigmentation On The Face

Pigmentation elimination SydneyAs we age, it’s common to notice areas of darker facial pigmentation, particularly in our sunny climate. You may notice that in Winter it improves slightly, only to return with gusto again in Summer.  Sun exposure is the obvious cause for darker patches of pigmentation on our skin, but what about the lesser-known ones? Is it something you are actually causing?

We discuss the top 4 causes for pigmentation concerns, specifically melasma as many women we see don’t even know they have the condition. 


Melasma Explained

Melasma is a type of pigmentation concern and is commonly miss-diagnosed as age spots. It is a chronic and common skin condition that typically appears as symmetrical darker, brown, blotchy patches on the face. It doesn’t cause any physical harm but many women we treat say it makes them feel self-conscious. Darker skin types and people who live in regions with intense sun are more at risk.


Top 4 Causes For Pigmentation Concerns

  1. Sun exposure – the leading cause of pigmentation issues in Australia is sun exposure. Aussies are well-known for being sun-worshippers and the years of ultra-violet radiation exposure takes its toll on our skin.
  2. Pregnancy – also referred to as “the mask of pregnancy,” melasma can appear during pregnancy and can resolve following delivery, but there are cases where it does not.
  3. Hormonal changes – fluctuations in hormones can trigger melasma or pigmentation changes in the skin. Taking the oral contraceptive pill or undergoing hormonal replacement therapy are examples.
  4. Underlying medical conditions – thyroid disease and stress can contribute to changes in pigmentation.


Holistic Approach to Treatment

The management of melasma and many other skin pigmentation concerns is best tackled with a multi-step, ongoing plan. Without maintenance treatment, it can return. Detail Smoother Skin are specialists in skin management and will tailor a plan to suit your needs, during your initial complimentary consultation and skin analysis.

Pigmentation treatment usually involves skin peels and laser treatment with the PicoWay laser. We recommend the PicoWay as it generates next to no heat during treatment. Many pigmentation conditions are exacerbated by heat, meaning you could make the condition worse rather than improve it.

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