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Top 4 Skin Pigmentation Concerns and Solutions

Top 4 Skin Pigmentation Concerns and SolutionsJust about everywhere you look, flawless skin is promoted – on the TV, in magazines and by our selfie-obsessed society. Having skin pigmentation concerns can have a real impact on a person’s state of mind. Feeling constantly self-conscious is exhausting and can damage self-esteem and confidence.

So how do you treat your concerns? First, let’s look at 4 of the top pigmentation concerns that we deal with everyday at Detail Smoother Skin Clinic and discuss solutions for them including pigmentation removal.


Top 4 Concerns

There are many ways that being unhappy with the appearance of pigmentation can impact a person, however the top 4 concerns that we help with in our specialist skin clinic include: 

  1. “My skin makes me look older than I am”

This a very common concern. Age spots are darkened areas of pigment and although they typically appear as we age, they can also be seen on younger patients.

  1. “I can’t dress the way I want to”

Pigmentation on the décolletage is a key reason that impacts the choice of clothing for a lot of women. Rather than wearing a nice low neckline, they feel they should cover up to the neck. The same issue is reported from people with concerns of age spots on their shoulders and arms – they feel like they are always covering up. 

  1. “I want to wear less makeup”

Feeling like you always have to apply makeup before leaving the house can be frustrating. Evening out pigmentation on the face allows patients to be more carefree with the use of makeup.

  1. “I want to improve my complexion”

Sun damage is a key contributor to complexion damage and pigment issues. Protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays is paramount to keep your complexion in top shape.



What are the best solutions when treating pigmentation concerns? We have narrowed it down to the top three; 1) always apply a high quality sunscreen, 2) wear a hat when in the sun, and 3) laser pigmentation removal with the PicoWay or GentleMax Pro.

Applying sunscreen and wearing a hat are great preventative and maintenance measures, but to actually remove the darker pigment, the PicoWay laser is the leading solution. The Picoway laser treats a range of conditions including: 

  • Lentigines – freckles on the face and décolletage
  • Solar Lentigines – sun spots, age spots, liver spots
  • Café au lait Macules – flat pigmented birthmarks
  • Melasma – ‘pregnancy mask’ - melasma is caused by hormonal changes mainly during pregnancy and shows up as dark patches on either side of the face

Extreme care needs to be taken when selecting a laser for your treatment. Heat from other lasers can stimulate post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) to form in darker skin types IV to VI. Therefore, normal lasers are not recommended on darker skin types. The PicoWay is the latest generation Picosecond laser. It allows Detail Smoother Skin to safely treat skin pigmentation on all skin types in the shortest time possible. The PicoWay breaks down the pigment in the skin, allowing your body’s immune system to clear it naturally.

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The GentleMax Pro is another option for lighter skin types. Results from clinical studies show very high patient satisfaction, less downtime, diminished pain and fewer side effects than when compared to Q-switched laser treatment. 

To see the results that can be achieved, see the laser pigmentation removal before and after pictures below:


Pigmentation Before & After Photos 


Pigmentation Before & After Photos


Pigmentation Before & After Photos 


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