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Top 5 Ways To Diminish Facial Acne Scars

Top 5 Ways To Diminish Facial Acne ScarsThe tell-tale signs of severe acne are easy to see. Acne scarring is the body’s wound healing response to infection and inflammation caused by P. acnes bacteria. Many people go through life putting up with their facial scarring simply because they are unaware of the innovative developments and the impressive results that can achieved by non-surgical cosmetic treatments for acne scarring. 

We discuss the pros and cons of the top 5 ways to diminish facial acne scars below.


5 Ways To Improve Acne Scars

The type and effectiveness of acne scar treatment is dependent on a person’s skin condition, along with the type and severity of acne scars. A qualified and experienced skin therapist should be consulted to first establish the type of acne scars, as knowing the scar profile will impact treatment options.


1. Skincare

Cosmeceutical skincare can be used to help improve superficial scarring and skin condition. Topical skincare has no way of penetrating deep enough into the skin to make noticeable improvements on scarring and is therefore often used alongside other treatment options to optimise results.


2. Chemical Peels

TCA peels use trichloroacetic acid to dry the skin and peel away dead and old skin cells, making way for new skin cells. Peels can help improve skin concerns such as discolouration, enlarged pores, uneven texture and pigmentation. In some cases, chemical peels can be used to improve discolouration or pigmentation caused by mild acne, however great care needs to be taken. Peels typically range from 8% to 30% strength, the stronger the peel, the deeper it goes. Your skin is at a significant risk of being burnt (and thus scarring) if the peel is too strong or it is left on too long for your particular skin. Peels should only be considered with a qualified skin therapist or dermatologist.


3. Skin Needling

Another option for mild acne scarring is skin needling. Tiny needles are used to puncture the skin, creating tiny wounds that trigger the production of new collagen and elastin. The maximum depth setting is 1mm, limiting its ability to impact deeper scars. For moderate or severe acne scarring, a treatment that can penetrate deeper, into the dermal layer is required.


4. Laser

Laser resurfacing is typically the next step on from the previous three options. Ablative laser treatment removes the top layer of the skin to help improve the appearance of scarring, however as laser energy can only travel in a straight line, it is limited in terms of how much of the scar it can remodel. Laser resurfacing is typically a painful treatment, with 7-10 days of downtime required.


5. SublativeTM Radiofrequency

SublativeTM radiofrequency treatment offers effective acne scar treatment that is safe for all skin types. Radiofrequency is a lower intensity energy than laser, but travels through the skin in a different way, penetrating deep into the dermis without harming the epidermis. Sublative treatment only disrupts 5% of the epidermal layer, minimising downtime, whilst laser treatments destroy 70% of the epidermal layer to get the energy to the site of the scar. Sublative treatment targets the body’s natural wound healing process via cell destruction and reconstruction which triggers collagen and elastin production in very specific areas in the top dermal layer.

SublativeTM treatment has been proven with numerous clinical studies to reduce moderate to severe acne scars for all skin types, including darker skin types.

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Complimentary Skin Analysis

At Detail Smoother Skin Clinic, we offer a complimentary consultation where a qualified skin therapist will analyse your skin and scarring. You will receive customised information including costs, information for before and after treatment, and we can answer any questions that you have. 

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