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Top Reasons Why People Get Acne Scars & How To Remove Them

Top Reasons Why People Get Acne Scars & How To Remove ThemThe length and severity of acne breakouts varies dramatically from individual to individual. You may have suffered from the symptoms for a relatively short amount of time, but may be left with scarring. Perhaps you know someone who suffered with acne for years but came out of it relatively scar-free. Why does this happen? 

The type of acne plays a role in the impact of scarring as well as various other factors which we discuss below. Firstly, let’s look at exactly what acne scars are before looking at causes and the leading acne scar treatment in Sydney.


What Are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are the result of trauma to the skin due to acne. Scarring is the body’s natural wound healing response to a ruptured acne lesion. Acne lesions occur when the pores (follicles) in the skin become clogged with dead skin cells and an excess production of sebum (oil). The clogged pores invite the growth of bacteria and as the inflamed pore swells, the follicle wall breaks and hence a lesion. Lesions that most commonly cause scarring include cysts, pustules and papules. To repair the skin, the body will naturally produce new collagen. Too much collagen results in a raised scar and too little collagen results in a depressed or pitted scar.


Why Do People Get Acne Scars?

Using pore clogging facial products, using harsh or unsuitable acne treatments and picking at acne lesions (even small ones) can all impact the severity of acne and therefore the likelihood of scarring.

The key variables that make someone more susceptible to acne scarring are as follows:

The type of acne

Inflammatory acne such as cysts and pustules occur deeper in the skin, causing more trauma to the skin and are therefore more likely to result in scarring, in comparison to whiteheads or blackheads which rarely cause the skin to scar.


The likelihood of you developing scars from acne is higher if you have family members who suffer from acne scarring. 

Picking at acne

Touching your face and picking at acne spreads bacteria and causes trauma to the skin that affects the healing process and increases your chances of scarring.


The best way to avoid and prevent acne scarring is to treat the acne early. People who do not treat their acne are more likely to scar.


Effective Acne Scar Treatment

You may have tried or considered peels or dermal fillers (for atrophic scars) to treat your acne scars. The risks with these options are that it can put your skin under even more stress – injecting foreign substances or taking away the top layer of skin cells which acts as a protective barrier to keep out harmful pollutants and to help to keep moisture in. 

SublativeTM treatment for acne scars uses radio frequency to get deep into the dermis where it can effectively re-model acne scar tissue. The precise way that the energy is delivered allows for the skin’s surface to remain intact, with maximum energy input into the dermal layer where it is needed. The treatment triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin which results in smoother, more balanced skin. 

SublativeTM treatment offers the following benefits: 

  • SublativeTM is the only treatment proven to reduce moderate to severe acne scars for all skin types
  • Skin appears smoother and more elastic with improvement in tone
  • Healing is rapid and downtime is minimal
  • SublativeTM only impacts up to 5% of the epidermis and most of the effect is deep in the dermis where it is needed, in contrast to fractional ablative laser treatments that can disrupt 10-70% of the skins’ surface
  • Safety and recovery times are better than ablative surfacing
  • Safe for all skin types, even darker skin tones

SublativeTM treatments offer no downtime and are noticeably more comfortable compared to laser resurfacing.


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