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Clear, Smooth, Younger Looking Skin: Top 5 Non-Invasive Solutions

Posted by Andrew on 18-Jan-2019 14:44:22

Last year, Australians took the lead over America with the most cosmetic procedures per capita, investing over $1 billion. The top 5 most popular procedures included liposuction, breast augmentation, muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers and laser treatments. As a nation addicted to looking-good, it’s no wonder cosmetic technology has advanced at pace.

Today, consumers demand safety, effectiveness and no downtime. Social pressures do not allow for a long recovery time following a procedure, hence the rapid growth in the non-invasive or non-surgical arena. Learn about the top 5 devices that help achieve clear, smooth, younger looking skin without needles or scalpels.

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Top 5 Ways To Diminish Facial Acne Scars

Posted by Andrew on 20-Jul-2018 09:35:45

The tell-tale signs of severe acne are easy to see. Acne scarring is the body’s wound healing response to infection and inflammation caused by P. acnes bacteria. Many people go through life putting up with their facial scarring simply because they are unaware of the innovative developments and the impressive results that can achieved by non-surgical cosmetic treatments for acne scarring. 

We discuss the pros and cons of the top 5 ways to diminish facial acne scars below.

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Acne Scar Removal Sydney - What Are My Options?

Posted by Andrew on 08-Feb-2018 11:23:53

If you're serious about having treatment to remove your acne scars, you may be familiar with the terms, "ablative", "Sublative" or "radiofrequency". If you have not yet discovered these treatment terms, we will help to explain what they mean, their benefits and their limitations in terms of successful acne scar removal treatment.

Before embarking on your acne scar removal journey, you first need to know what type of scars you have - raised or depressed, depth and shape of your scars all have an impact on the type of treatment. Consulting an experienced skin therapist who specialises in acne scar treatment is recommended.

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Is Makeup Enough To Hide Acne Scars?

Posted by Andrew on 10-Jan-2018 11:43:11

For those who suffer from acne scars, they can be so much more than a skin condition. They can cause frustration and worry as well as self-esteem and confidence issues.  But what options are out there for removing them? Most women will find that not even a good full-coverage foundation will cover their scars entirely. Full-coverage foundation may hide the colour of scarring, however it won't cover the scar indentations that acne can leave behind. Thankfully, there are alternatives and some of them are very effective at reducing the appearance of acne scars.

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Top Tips For Successful Acne Scar Removal Sydney

Posted by Andrew on 15-Nov-2017 13:51:10

Are your acne scars holding you back from selfie freedom? Frustrated with your acne scars? Treatments you’ve tried not working? Despite the advances in full-coverage foundation, concealing scars with make-up can only do so much, and if you’re a guy or if you have chest or back scarring, you might find yourself with very limited options. Textural irregularities are often still visible despite the best coverage.

Many people that come to our clinic are at the point of giving up and are feeling disheartened by ineffective treatments they have previously tried. At Detail Smoother Skin, we are able to change all of that. We treat everyone as an individual, empower you with knowledge by analysing your scars and discussing clinically proven treatment options with you. Here we give you our top tips for successfully removing scarring that has resulted from acne.

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Top Reasons Why People Get Acne Scars & How To Remove Them

Posted by Andrew on 27-Sep-2017 11:51:07

The length and severity of acne breakouts varies dramatically from individual to individual. You may have suffered from the symptoms for a relatively short amount of time, but may be left with scarring. Perhaps you know someone who suffered with acne for years but came out of it relatively scar-free. Why does this happen? 

The type of acne plays a role in the impact of scarring as well as various other factors which we discuss below. Firstly, let’s look at exactly what acne scars are before looking at causes and the leading acne scar treatment in Sydney.

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Top 5 Skin & Body Treatments For Men

Posted by Andrew on 21-Sep-2017 07:41:17

Aesthetic treatments for men are at an all-time high with the popularity and variety of men’s cosmetic treatments increasing and becoming much more tailored in recent years. As men age, maintaining defined abs, avoiding the stomach bulge and keeping skin smooth and firm gets more and more challenging. With increased competition in the work place, many men take better care of their skin and body to look younger and more vibrant. 

We explain the 5 most popular skin and body treatments for men, along with the benefits and best treatment solution for each.

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Acne Scars: What the Cosmetics Companies Aren't Telling You

Posted by Andrew on 09-Aug-2017 15:15:00

When spending your hard-earned cash on scar treatments, you need to ask the following questions: Have the results been proven in reliable clinical studies? What are the side effects? How long will it take to see an improvement in my scars? These are some of the questions we should be asking when finding a solution to scarring from acne. 

When researching treatment for acne scars, you will be confronted with hundreds of creams, lotions and serums promising results for which they simply cannot live up to. Persuasive marketing goes a long way in the competitive landscape of the cosmeceutical world, but what aren’t they telling you?

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6 Reasons Why People Don't Treat Their Acne Scars

Posted by Andrew on 23-Jun-2017 09:46:11

Due to the social and psychological effects of acne scarring, many people are not happy with the appearance of their skin. So why do so many people leave it untreated? Which of the top six reasons in this article can you relate to? 

Acne typically rears its head in the adolescent years and paying for effective treatment in your teens or early twenties can be costly and simply not an option for many, especially if you’re on a student or apprentice income. Leaving active acne untreated often leads to scarring – deep crater-style scars, raised scars and discolouration are all the tell-tail signs of previous acne.  

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How To Safely Remove Acne Scars Before Your Wedding Day

Posted by Andrew on 26-Apr-2017 13:26:48

Having flawless skin on your wedding day is what most people dream of. And it’s not only the bride who wishes for great skin, it’s the groom as well. We see many brides and grooms to be who are worried or apprehensive about being photographed like a celebrity on their special day because of the texture of their skin. If you suffer from acne scarring and you want to improve the appearance of your skin before your big day, you need to know about this revolutionary radio frequency acne scar treatment with no downtime.

Traditionally, aggressive treatments have been used for acne scarring which would leave you with damaged skin that would take weeks to heal. Due to the aggressiveness of the treatment and the higher risk of complications, it doesn’t make a good option pre-wedding day.

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Why Sublative Repairs Acne Scars Better Than Ablative Lasers

Posted by Andrew on 12-Jan-2017 06:29:50

CO2 ablative laser resurfacing hit the media years ago for its frequent side effect of hypopigmentation. Side effects were common due to the lasers being slower and hotter than they are today. The technology has improved over the years, however the results from laser resurfacing come at a cost. In addition to hypopigmentation, you can expect pain, significant downtime with redness and swelling lasting from weeks to months along with a high risk of infection and scarring. The traditional (and outdated) view was that the more aggressive the resurfacing, the better the results, however revolutionary radio frequency technology is turning this assumption on its head.

SublativeTM treatment for acne scars uses radio frequency rather than laser and penetrates deep into the dermis whilst leaving the epidermis largely unharmed. This means minimal downtime with maximum effect on the scarred tissue.

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The Science Behind The Best Acne & Acne Scar Treatment

Posted by Andrew on 01-Aug-2016 10:05:27

There are many treatment options available to improve the appearance and texture of the skin, or to treat acne and acne scars. The method of choice in the last few years has involved laser technology, either to remove the outer layers of the skin to promote new skin growth (CO2 or Er:YAG), or to penetrate the skin to promote rejuvenation from within (fractional thermolysis).

Although effective for treating a variety of skin conditions, they do have their limitations, and in particular can cause hypopigmentation, areas of uneven skin colour, lasting up to two years after treatment. Fractional lasers were safe, but less effective, and required more treatments to achieve acceptable results.

A more recent development has been fractional thermolysis using radio frequency (RF) energy, instead of laser energy, to stimulate skin rejuvenation that is as effective as laser energy, but has a much lower risk of side effects. The leading device that uses RF energy is the eTwo SublativeTM Skin Treatment System. This article explains the science behind radio frequency energy and why it is effective for acne scar treatment.

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Can Acne Scars Be Prevented?

Posted by Andrew on 18-Jul-2016 18:01:30

Yes, acne scars can be prevented! It is common for people to put up with acne and risk getting acne scars because they have tried over the counter products that were ineffective. At Detail Smoother Skin, our team of highly skilled skin experts understand your skin condition and have treatment options to help you avoid scarring from acne. We offer the Sublative Skin Treatment System - superior technology for acne and acne scar treatment Sydney.

In this article we discuss how to prevent acne scars by treating active acne and the best treatment options if you already have acne scars.

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Classifying Acne Scars And Best Acne Scar Treatment

Posted by Andrew on 10-Jun-2016 14:27:43

Are you confused by the endless options for acne scar treatment? Perhaps you’ve tried some of the various treatments and been disappointed with the results? At Detail Smoother Skin, our team of highly skilled skin experts understand your skin condition and the impact it can have on confidence and self-esteem. We have the latest technology for acne scar treatment Sydney, called Sublative Skin Rejuvenation.

In this article we discuss the different types of acne scars and the best treatment currently available.

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Acne Scar Treatment Sydney Most Popular Questions

Posted by Andrew on 13-May-2016 10:26:31

Looking for answers to your questions about the best Sublative acne scar treatment in Sydney? If you suffer from acne breakouts or have acne scars and are considering treatment to improve your skin, the experienced team at Detail Smoother Skin can help.  

Acne scars can have a detrimental impact on your confidence and self esteem. Makeup can only cover so much. Detail Smoother Skin has an effective acne scar treatment system, proven with clinical studies to reduce moderate to severe acne scars on all skin types.

In this article we answer our top 5 most frequently asked questions for acne scar treatment using the eTwo Sublative RF Treatment System.

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Do Acne Scar Treatments Actually Work?

Posted by Andrew on 21-Apr-2016 14:12:03

One of the top questions we get asked during our free acne scar treatment consultation is "How well does it work?"

The eTwo Sublative device from Syneron-Candela is FDA approved for the treatment of mild to severe acne scarring. On top of this, we have seen excellent results and a huge difference in our clients. 

At Detail Smoother Skin Clinic in Sydney, our highly-trained and experienced team use clinically proven treatment options for acne scarring.  In this article, we show you before and after photos using the eTwo Sublative Skin Treatment System and discuss the effectiveness of the eTwo for acne scar options.

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What Is Acne And What Is The Most Effective Treatment

Posted by Andrew on 24-Jan-2016 06:00:00

Most of us will have experienced the distress and embarrassment of an acne breakout during our teens and early 20s. Even though acne is something you eventually 'grow out of', for many people acne causes significant psychological suffering, especially if the acne leaves scars behind. 

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How Does Acne Cause Acne Scars?

Posted by Andrew on 13-Jan-2016 14:24:22

Acne results from blocked and infected hair follicles on the face, neck, chest or back. If the acne isn't treated effectively it can leave scars behind. An acne scar treatment option that is FDA approved for the treatment of acne scars is the eTwo SublativeTM Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment System, is providing excellent results in reducing the appearance of acne scars, but with none of the complications of similar treatments.

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Why Acne & Acne Scar Treatments Are Linked

Posted by Andrew on 23-Dec-2015 11:40:25

Most people find acne distressing or embarrassing, but ultimately something you 'grow out of'. For some of us, acne can cause significant emotional distress, and more so if the acne results in scarring. Scarring has a much longer term psychological impact and can affect a person's ability to interact socially and generally enjoy their life to the full.

This article looks at how acne and acne scars occur, and a new Sydney acne scar procedure option for treating both conditions using the eTwo SublativeTM Fractionated Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment System.


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