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What Is A Facial & Are They Worth It? A Complete Guide To Skin Care

Posted by Andrew on 09-Jan-2019 10:59:12

The term "facial" and the facial treatment was created in the 1930’s when skin care was a luxury and people knew very little about the science of skin care. The skin care world is completely different today due to science and the discovery of new active ingredients. However, the consumer’s perception of a facial has remained stuck in the last century. The spa industry hasn’t helped by promoting an endless list of facials that include gimmicks like “gold” and “chocolate” facials. There are even facials that include feathers being stroked over your body or bells rung over your chakras.

Many of these trendy facials, while entertaining, are not based on scientific evidence and provide zero benefit. I will break down what is real and what is pseudo-science.

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Topics: Facial Rejuvenation, Skin Care, Facial


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