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Is There A Cure For Melasma?

When suffering from a chronic skin condition such as melasma - a condition that often persists for years - and trying treatment after treatment with little to no improvement is often frustrating and can lead to emotional distress.  Underlying... read article

Hyperpigmentation Vs Melasma & How To Successfully Treat It

Freckles, age spots, solar lentigines and post-inflammatory discolouration following an acne breakout, all come under the umbrella term of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation can refer to any darkening of the skin and can be instigated by numerous... read article

How Does Cosmelan Professional Treatment Work?

Many women and men suffer from pigmented lesions that are difficult to manage with standard skin care and chemical peels. Cosmelan Professional Treatment is a breakthrough procedure that eliminates and controls hyper-pigmentation through a process... read article

Melasma treatment that works: There is a real solution!

In our skin clinic we see many clients that suffer from melasma and we see the frustration this condition causes. While melasma poses no medical concerns, it can create anxiety in people that have the condition. We understand that the face creates... read article

3 Most Popular Post Pregnancy Cosmetic Treatments

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life but it can leave behind a some permanent reminders on your skin and body. From stretch marks to skin tightening and pregnancy related pigmentation, also known as melasma, many women find themselves unsure... read article

Understanding Melasma & Why IPL Can Make It Worse

Do you suffer from dark patches of pigmentation on your upper lip, across your nose, cheekbones or jawline or on your forehead? If you answered yes, you may have Melasma. This common but chronic (meaning it can last for many years) skin condition is... read article

Top 4 Causes For Dark Spots of Pigmentation On The Face

As we age, it’s common to notice areas of darker facial pigmentation, particularly in our sunny climate. You may notice that in Winter it improves slightly, only to return with gusto again in Summer.  Sun exposure is the obvious cause for darker... read article

Melasma Management Frequently Asked Questions

Melasma is one of the most complicated and difficult skin conditions and “How do I treat it?" is one of the hardest questions to answer. The most important point to be aware of when dealing with this skin pigmentation condition is to know that it is... read article

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Melasma

Have you noticed dark patches of pigmentation on your face since taking the contraceptive pill, or during pregnancy? It could be melasma. This common skin condition is often triggered by hormones and shows as darker patches of pigmentation on the... read article

Melasma Management Is A Holistic Approach

When we think about melasma and how to treat it, we need to talk in terms of a holistic approach. Just like the journey to losing weight is a holistic approach – healthy diet, more exercise, improved lifestyle – a multi-pronged approach to improving... read article

What Is Melasma and How To Safely Treat It

Many women in their twenties and thirties often notice darker pigmentation appearing on their face. These marks can be mistaken for age spots. A common skin condition that appears as brown-grey patches on the face, specifically the cheeks, forehead,... read article