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non surgical liposuction

Science Behind Fat Loss & Cellulite Reduction by Diet, Exercise & Devices

Fat loss solutions are very popular for both men and women. Many people are frustrated that even when they believe they are eating well and do some sort of exercise they are still disappointed with the results. For some women, reducing cellulite... read article

VelaShape III vs SculpSure: A controversial comparison

Body sculpting devices are the latest way to compliment a healthy diet and regular exercise to reduce fat and cellulite. Whilst these devices are not a weight loss replacement, they can be an incredible tool to speed up and enhance the shape of the... read article

3 Most Popular Post Pregnancy Cosmetic Treatments

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life but it can leave behind a some permanent reminders on your skin and body. From stretch marks to skin tightening and pregnancy related pigmentation, also known as melasma, many women find themselves unsure... read article

What Is Sydney's Best Cellulite & Body Contouring Treatment?

When it comes to the relentless battle of keeping cellulite at bay and targeting those "problem areas" of fat, there are three stand-out strategies to attack it. Two of the options take dedicated commitment and the third is a simple walk-in,... read article

Top 5 Skin & Body Treatments For Men

Aesthetic treatments for men are at an all-time high with the popularity and variety of men’s cosmetic treatments increasing and becoming much more tailored in recent years. As men age, maintaining defined abs, avoiding the stomach bulge and keeping... read article

Non Surgical Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

The VelaShape III body contouring treatment system is clinically proven to contour the hips, tummy and thighs, smoothing out any lumps and bumps that you may not have been able to shift through diet and exercise alone. The VelaShape III is... read article

How Men Fight The Signs Of Ageing In Their Lunch Break

Guys, we know that when you’re in your prime, it’s all about “work hard, play hard” and couple that with Australia’s sunny (but harsh) climate, that ethos can take a toll on your skin and make you look years older.  In today’s professional world,... read article

Top Tips For Post Baby Bump Toning & Skin Tightening

These days, everything seems to revolve around convenience and comfort. The faster the better – food, cars, construction, fitness gains and treatment results are all notable examples. We have so much more to fit into our day that inefficiency... read article

The Science Behind Body Contouring with Skin Tightening

Have you ever pondered the body’s incredible potential to heal itself? Our bodies are continually repairing and restoring and modern aesthetic science has harnessed this by developing devices that trigger your body to regenerate in the targeted... read article

Skin Tightening After Weight Loss or CoolSculpting

The feeling you get when you hit your weight or size goals is amazing. This feeling however may be overshadowed if the look and texture of your skin is somewhat lax. People who have lost a significant amount of weight, or who have had fat "freezing"... read article

Liposuction vs Non-Surgical Liposuction Pros & Cons

Over the years, have your “curves” become more of a concern for you? Have you been considering liposuction but the cost, surgery and recovery time have put you off? With the latest technology, non surgical liposuction has come a long way recently. ... read article

The Best Non Surgical Liposuction & Cellulite Treatment

Did you know that liposuction surgery cannot treat cellulite? Cellulite is lumpy fat that sits under the skin surface, whereas liposuction is performed on the deeper layer of fat. In fact, liposuction can actually make cellulite worse if the skin... read article

Move Over Ladies, Non Surgical Liposuction For Men Too

With New Year’s Resolutions of a fitter and leaner body now long gone, you might be considering working on tightening up those “man-boobs” and finding your six-pack once again. Now, more than ever before, we are seeing men for our non surgical... read article

The Science Behind VelaShape Non Surgical Liposuction

Excess weight around the stomach area is not only a health issue, but it can also make shopping for clothes challenging and has an impact on self-esteem. Are you looking for an effective but non-invasive body-contouring option? Liposuction is known... read article

Body Fat And Cellulite Giving You The Hump?

Our body's ability to store fat has evolved over thousands of years as a survival mechanism against times when food was not easy to find. The problem is now that food is easily accessible, this survival mechanism isn't doing us any favours. Most of... read article

Avoid Long Recovery Time With Non Surgical Liposuction

Many of us are wanting to tone and shape parts of our body, drop a dress/pant size or reduce the size of those ‘love handles’. It can be difficult to improve certain areas even when eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. With our busy... read article

A Solution For Liposuction Without The Scars & Bandages

Most people will have parts of their body that they would like to tone to improve their shape, drop a dress/pant size or reduce their ‘love handles’. This is the case even for people that eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The Velashape III... read article