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stretch mark treatment

3 Most Popular Post Pregnancy Cosmetic Treatments

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life but it can leave behind a some permanent reminders on your skin and body. From stretch marks to skin tightening and pregnancy related pigmentation, also known as melasma, many women find themselves unsure... read article

Use Bio Oil On Stretch Marks? We Have Something Better

A popular go-to for Mummy’s who experience stretch marks during pregnancy is Bio Oil or similar oils or creams in an effort to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks. These products are great for moisturising your skin, however in true terms... read article

Best Stretch Mark Treatment – Sublative Rejuvenation

Have your stretch marks made you say goodbye to your bikini forever? Don’t despair, a clinical study has been conducted proving that sublative rejuvenation is an effective treatment option for those troublesome lines. Up to 90% of women get stretch... read article

Can Stretch Marks Be Removed?

Stretch marks are known medically as Striae Distensae, or Striae Gravidarum if they develop during pregnancy. Whatever you call them, they can be distressing and embarrassing for many people. There are so many treatment options for stretch marks... read article

Can Stretch Marks Be Prevented?

Stretch marks begin as raised red or purple lines and fade to a lighter colour over time. Although they can occur in men and women, they are very common in women, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. Between 70 and 90% of all women will... read article

Review of Popular Stretch Mark Treatment Options

Although there is no real way to prevent stretch marks, there are a vast number of treatment options marketed to consumers in Sydney, from oils to laser therapy and everything in between.  This article explores some of the more popular stretch mark... read article

Why Some People Get Stretch Marks And Others Don't

Ever wondered why some people get stretch marks and others don't?  Stretch marks are the thin purple or red lines that most women develop during the final stages of pregnancy.  They can also develop during the 'growth spurts' of puberty, or if you... read article

Spark A Process Of Rapid Repair

Stretch marks occur in both men and women, but are more common in women, with up to 90% of women experiencing stretch marks during puberty or pregnancy. Both men and women can experience stretch marks from rapid weight gain, for example during... read article