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VelaShape III vs SculpSure: A controversial comparison

Cellulite removal treatmentBody sculpting devices are the latest way to compliment a healthy diet and regular exercise to reduce fat and cellulite. Whilst these devices are not a weight loss replacement, they can be an incredible tool to speed up and enhance the shape of the body while the person is undertaking new lifestyle choices to create the body they desire. The issue is that there are a lot of devices that do not stand up to their promise. We discuss two devices that are on the market and how the science works. Also, interestingly one of these devices has some controversial consumer feedback.


Mechanism of action

VelaShape III: Infra-red (IR), Radio-frequency (RF), mechanical tissue manipulation, pulsed vacuum.

SculpSure: 1064nm laser

VelaShape III has 4 effective mechanisms of action. The combination of the IR and RF is able to pass the dermis to deep heat the fat (adipose) tissue without damaging the epidermal and dermal layers. The mechanical tissue manipulation massages the tissue to increase circulation to eliminate retained fluid. The pulsed vacuum assists in delivering the IR and RF by sucking the fat tissue into the device handpiece. This motion also assists in increasing circulation. The heat of the fat tissue stimulates the body to release the fat in the form of triglycerides. The deep heating also triggers an inflammatory response to create new collagen and elastin thereby tightening the treated area. The increased circulation eliminates fluid from the treated area. 

Cellulite & Skin StructureSculpSure uses 1064nm laser as the mechanism of action. Laser loses energy as it passes the epidermis or dermis. The lasers’ optimum depth is in the dermis. In reality, laser can go past the dermis to reach the fat tissue by using high energy but this means the laser is destroying everything in its path, including the epidermal and dermal layer. The science behind using 1064nm laser to heat the fat tissue is flawed.


Number of treatments

VelaShape III: 4 treatments

SculpSure: 1 treatment (as promoted in marketing but in reality requires multiple treatments)

VelaShape requires 4 treatments with 2-4 week treatment intervals.

SculpSure promotes 1 treatment but clinics have found they need 3-4 treatments to see any sort of result.



VelaShape III for buttocks start from $244 on buttocks for each treatment ($976 total course)

SculpSure is $1200 on buttocks for each treatment. (Correct at time of publishing, January 2018)

VelaShape is cheaper for the course compared to the single price of the SculpSure. However, clinics are requiring clients to undertake multiple SculpSure treatments. This becomes a very expensive treatment for minimal results.

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Pain or discomfort

VelaShape III heats the treated area up and is tolerated by clients very well. Clinicians operate the device with feedback from clients. Any time the area is getting too hot, the clinician will add additional ultrasound fluid.

SculpSure uses lasers to heat the area up. Feedback from clients and practitioners is that to get any sort of result, the energy needs to be high and once at this level the pain is too intense to continue treatment.



VelaShape III is the 3rd generation technology that is FDA approved to reduce circumference volume and cellulite. You can see results in the before and after images below. Please note that results will vary from person to person.


VelaShape III non-surgical liposuction before and after images:

Non-Surgical Lipo Before & After

Non-Surgical Lipo Before & After

Non-Surgical Lipo Before & After

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VelaShape III cellulite treatment before and after images:

Cellulite Treatment Before & After

Cellulite Treatment Before & After

Cellulite Treatment Before & After

To see our cellulite treatment before & afters image gallery, click here.

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SculpSure is unproven technology and yet to show real results.


Controversial Device - Consumer Fraud Class Action

In the USA, a national group of aesthetic medical centres have filed a class action lawsuit against Cynosure Inc. on June 2017. The claim alleges they sold the SculpSure device by promoting false information about the effectiveness of the device, the level of pain and safety of the fat reduction procedure. In fact, they claim the device is useless for the purposes it was designed for due to the power level the device needs operate at. To be effective, it causes so much pain it is unbearable. On the power levels that a person can tolerate, the results are unsatisfactory.

When Cynosure started receiving the feedback from the doctors, Cynosure issued a “Treat to Complete” treatment plan to educate the doctors to manage expectations that multiple treatments are necessary. This contradicted the sales pitch by Cynosure as a one treatment solution. Furthermore, Cynosure directed the doctors to increase the power levels. However, at the new power levels patients could not endure the pain to complete the treatment. 

"The situation has left practices in an impossible position," the complaint states. "They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a machine that does not work as Cynosure represented. At the same time, they lack the ability to recoup that cost; practices cannot continue to recommend a cosmetic procedure to their patients knowing that it is likely to involve several painful treatments, but unlikely to be effective."



In this comparison, the science backs up the reason why the SculpSure is not an effective device for body sculpting or reducing cellulite. The class action is feedback from actual doctors and clients that the device is ineffective. 

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When choosing the right body sculpting device, the consumer can be led astray with false promises and false information. The amount of misinformation is enormous and the aesthetic industry do this so consumers find it hard to know the facts from myth.

At Eden Laser Clinic we take the responsibility to educate the public seriously. We give honest and professional advice so if a client is not suitable for the treatment, we inform them. Our reputation is more important than the money. We don’t want to take on a potential person that is not suitable for a treatment or when a person expects more than the treatment can deliver.


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