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What Is Sydney's Best Cellulite & Body Contouring Treatment?

What Is Sydney's Best Cellulite & Body Contouring Treatment?When it comes to the relentless battle of keeping cellulite at bay and targeting those "problem areas" of fat, there are three stand-out strategies to attack it. Two of the options take dedicated commitment and the third is a simple walk-in, walk-out, clinically proven body contouring and best cellulite treatment that can be done in 3 or 4 lunch breaks (or one longer session if you prefer). 

Find out about the top three ways to tackle cellulite and sculpt your body. We also explain the science behind the latest body contouring device combined with skin smoothing and tightening.


Top 3 Strategies For Body Contouring & Combating Cellulite

Firstly, let's highlight that cellulite is the result of a connective tissue disorder. From person to person, the contributing factors for dimpled skin will vary, however the majority of people benefit from these top three strategies.

1. Exercise

Yes, you guessed it. Exercise is the most common go-to option for banishing cellulite, but consistency is key. However, as cellulite can be amplified by a range of factors including genetics, hormones and diet, exercise may not be the sole solution.

2. Healthy diet and lifestyle

Whether you have stubborn or lumpy areas of fat or not, a healthy diet and lifestyle is always recommended. Yes, it will go a long way with helping you remove unwanted fat, however you need to be committed and you may still suffer from dimpled skin even with the best discipline.

3. VelaShape III Treatment

For a fast and effective solution to your cellulite and contour concerns, we recommend VelaShape III.  This innovative device offers non-surgical liposuction, body contouring and skin tightening for smoother skin, all in the one, non-invasive treatment. Clinically studied and FDA approved, it is fast becoming one of Sydney's most popular body treatments due to its proven results and versatility.

Areas that can be treated include thighs, hips, bottom, flanks, waist, stomach and back. The jaw line, neck, double chin and back of the arm can also be targeted with a smaller applicator. A program of 4 treatments spaced two weeks apart is recommended for optimal cellulite reduction, skin tightening and body contouring. An option for a single treatment, VelaOnce, may be more convenient for people with a full schedule or for those looking forward to a special event.

VelaShape III is a very comfortable treatment with no downtime and no recovery period.

The benefits of VelaShape have been proven in numerous clinical trials and in more than 3.5 million independent treatments worldwide. Results have shown:

  1. Noticeable reduction in the appearance of cellulite
  2. Improvement in skin firmness and texture over the treated areas
  3. Circumference reduction of up to 3cm

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The Science Behind VelaShape III

VelaShape III is not a fat freezing device so there are none of the associated risks of fat freezing. The VelaShape III uses Electro-Optical Synergy (ELOS) technology, a powerful combination of bipolar radiofrequency and infrared (light) energy. The treatment produces a deep heating of the fat cells and the surrounding connective tissue. The heat triggers the fat cells to expel the fat to reduce their overall size. Additionally, your body will produce new collagen and regeneration of the connective tissue. The vacuum and mechanical manipulation promotes increased circulation and the release of excess fluid and toxins. These mechanisms of action tighten the localised skin as well as reduce the fat cells.

There are no risks of scarring or changes in skin pigmentation that are a factor in treatments using laser energy. The fat released from the cells goes into the blood stream as triglycerides and can be used up by doing some light exercise and your normal daily activities.


Next Steps

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