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What To Expect Before, During & After Acne Treatment

Acne and acne scar treatment SydneyAre you part of the 80-90% of men and women who do or have suffered acne or acne scarring? Most people put up with it, trying different creams or antibiotics to keep acne breakouts under control. For many people, this isn't enough to keep it under control and a different approach is required.

The eTwo Sublative Skin Treatment System is an innovative and effective option for acne treatment and acne scars that produces long-term results. The eTwo treats the underlying cause of acne and stimulates repair of acne scars in the deep layers of the skin.

This article explains the treatment procedure of acne and acne scars using the eTwo at Detail Smoother Skin Clinic.


How Does The eTwo Work?

The eTwo system uses fractionated RF to transfer energy into the epidermal and dermal layer. The heat creates microscopic injuries under the skin's surface, stimulating the skin tissue to actively repair the damage caused by acne and acne scars with new collagen and elastin production.


Before A Treatment

The first step is to have a free consultation at our experienced and certified clinic. We will explain how the technology works and discuss the most effective program available for treating your acne or acne scars. You will be provided with a quote, and we will take information about your medical history.

Before treatment, your face is cleaned and dried. A numbing cream can be applied to reduce any discomfort which will need to be removed before your treatment.


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During A Treatment

During treatment, the applicator is pressed onto the skin and the clinician will move slowly over the treatment area to make sure that all the skin receives the full energy pulse. Treatments normally take between 20 and 40 minutes. During treatment, your skin may feel warm and prickly. Some people describe this as very uncomfortable, however any pain or discomfort with the eTwo is significantly less than what is experienced with traditional laser treatment.


After A Treatment

You can return to normal activities straight away, although you can't put makeup over the treated area for 12 hours. Your skin will have very tiny 'pinhole' marks over the treatment area and redness similar to a light sunburn. This redness calms down within 24 hours and the small marks can be covered up with tinted moisturiser. The pinhole marks will fade over the next 2-4 days. You should avoid touching or scratching the treated area to avoid infection.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Usually, 4 treatments are needed 4-6 weeks apart, but the total number of treatments will depend on your skin condition and how many areas need to be treated. It takes an average of 3 months after treatment to see maximum results. You may also see beneficial improvements in skin texture, skin tightening, fine lines and wrinkles and reduction in pore size.


Next Steps

If you are considering acne scar or acne treatment Sydney, the eTwo Sublative Skin Treatment System is a safe and effective option. If you have any questions, simply click on the Ask A Question button below. Or for personalised information for you and your skin condition, come in for a free consultation, book by clicking below. 


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