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Why Fillers & Anti Wrinkle Injections Are Making People Unhappy

Why Fillers & Anti Wrinkle Injections Are Making People UnhappyDermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are well known for their instantly gratifying results. They are proven to diminish lines and wrinkles, and fillers add youthful plumpness. So how can they possibly be making people unhappy?

There are three main reasons why anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are falling short of expectations.


Why Cosmetic Injections Are Making People Unhappy


1. Smoothing without tightening

Cosmetic injections can give skin a smoother appearance, but they won’t tighten skin. For example, it is quite common to feel heavy around the brow and eyelids following injectable treatment in the brow or forehead area.

Using the body’s instinctive repair and healing response to tighten skin can give facial features and skin a lovely lift, to achieve a smoother, younger and more refreshed appearance, in a natural way.


2. The “worked on” look

At Eden Laser Clinic, we believe that all cosmetic treatments should aim to enhance natural beauty. Cosmetic injections can achieve that, when done by a highly experienced injector.

Unnatural, over-done results can be devastating and are not uncommon with inexperienced injectors. Cosmetic injectables can lead to a “worked on” look which can be avoided when using anti-ageing treatments that don’t require any substances to be injected.


3. Loss of facial expression

Over time, injectables treatment can alter facial features and lose warmth in facial expressions. Crows feet are a particularly delicate area as stabilising this area can remove the ability to express joy and happiness from the eye area.

Facial rejuvenation treatment that strengthens, smooths and tightens the skin will give a more youthful appearance and maintain expression as facial muscle movements are not compromised.


Alternative Solutions


SublativeTM Skin Tightening – Eyelids, Under Eye Bags & Crows Feet

SublativeTM radio frequency treatment can be used to tighten and lift eyelids, diminish under eye bags and treat crows feet. It works by sending energy into the lower epidermis and top of the dermis, thereby triggering the body's natural wound healing response, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which in turn tightens the treated area. When treating the eyelids, the tightening effect lifts the sagging skin. When treating the under eye bags, the skin tightens and the bags visibly reduce. When treating crows feet, the skin rejuvenates to minimise lines and wrinkles.

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SublimeTM Non-Surgical Facelift

Non-surgical facelift or facial contouring is a cosmetic procedure to enhance or restore your face in a natural way. Radio frequency energy is used to restore youthfulness by tightening skin and increasing the volume of dermal tissue. At Detail Smoother Skin, we believe in delivering results that give a natural appearance. Some of the signs of ageing that Sublime treatment can assist with include; deep wrinkles, sunken cheek areas, sagging around the eyes, sagging brow line and loose skin on the neck line, jowl, abdomen and knees.

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ResolveTM Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation, or facial resurfacing, is used to restore and enhance the texture of your skin. ResolveTM is the latest anti-ageing facial rejuvenation laser technology. Safe to use on all skin types, it delivers energy into the dermal layer for optimum collagen and elastin production. Some of the signs of ageing Resolve can treat include; fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scars, stretch marks, pigmented lesions, post-surgery scars, enlarged pores and textural irregularities caused by excessive sun exposure.

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