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Why People Aren't Happy After CoolSculpting or Liposuction

Why People Aren't Happy After CoolSculpting or LiposuctionIt can be pretty devastating if you pin your hopes, invest your money, and in the case of liposuction, endure a substantial amount of pain and long recovery period, with a cosmetic fat reduction procedure only to be disappointed with the results. Unfortunately, for some people that is the reality. The decision then is to live with it or invest more in corrective procedures.

Loose skin and unevenness are common side effects from liposuction and fat freezing treatments, and also following significant weight loss. Persistent cellulite is a typical disappointment with many fat reduction procedures.


Common side effects from lipo or fat freezing treatment

Before having a surgical procedure or non-surgical fat freezing treatment, your surgeon or clinician should inform you of the following potential side effects: 

  • Lax, sagging or excess skin
  • Irregularities
    • With liposuction, irregularities can occur if the tunnels formed by the cannula don’t compress sufficiently
    • Additionally, too much fat or too little fat can be taken, resulting in indentations or rises in the skin’s surface
    • With fat freezing treatment, such as CoolSculpting, where the applicator remains in one place, a “shelf” can form in the fat, the “line” between the treated and untreated area.
  • Cellulite typically persists, and in some cases appears worse due to increased skin laxity

Sagging skin is a frequent concern following considerable weight loss. Non-surgical skin tightening procedures are available to trigger new collagen and elastin production, to strengthen and tighten skin.


How to correct the results

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin following liposuction or fat freezing, VelaShape III cellulite and skin tightening treatment can help improve your results. Used by models and celebrities, VelaShape III is the latest generation skin tightening and cellulite treatment device. No other treatment offers skin tightening in addition to circumference reduction and cellulite treatment, with no downtime.

VelaShape uses radiofrequency energy, deep heating of the connective tissue along with suction and massage to trigger fat metabolism and skin tightening. The treatment area is flooded with fibroblast (the cells that form fibrous tissue), therefore stimulating new collagen and elastin matrix, resulting in tighter, smoother skin.

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Before & After VelaShape


Before VelaShape  After VelaShape


Before & After VelaShape


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