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Why The Laser Hair Removal Industry Has Lied To You

Posted by Andrew on 21-Dec-2017 11:19:57

Why The Laser Hair Removal Industry Has Lied To YouIs your trust being taken for granted and abused? Would you expect your laser clinic to lie to you? Big businesses are taking advantage and consumers deserve better. 

It's quite common to see clinics selling laser hair removal treatments as a package deal. Clinics will market specials, advertising treatment packs of 10, for example. This scheme is purely there to increase the businesses cash flow as this many treatments are typically unnecessary. Clinics will often turn down the settings to guarantee their clients’ need to come back for the full 10 sessions to effectively remove the hair.


The Correct Treatment Schedule

Your laser hair removal treatments should be scheduled approximately every 6 weeks. However, many clinics are telling their clients they need to come in for their treatments every 4 weeks. The shorter treatment schedule is inefficient for hair removal as hair grows in a cycle of three steps; anagen, catagen and telogen.


This is the active phase of hair growth. During this time, a new hair is formed, pushing the club hair (a hair that has stopped growing or is no longer in the anagen phase) up the follicle and out. On the arms and legs, the active growth phase is around 30 to 45 days long.


This is what is called the transitional stage of the cycle. During this phase, growing stops and the outside root sheath shrinks and connects to the root of the hair.


In this phase of the cycle, the hair follicle is totally at rest. The timeline for this phase of the cycle is 100 days for scalp hair and longer for eyebrow, eyelash, arm, and leg hair.

As the active body hair growth phase lasts 30-45 days, if you are receiving hair removal treatments every four weeks, some of your hair will simply not have grown back in order for the laser to target the hair and effectively remove it.


The Right Number Of Treatments

With the laser turned up to the correct setting and your treatment plan worked out to match your hair type and the hair growth cycle, the GentleMax Pro is FDA approved for 80% reduction in hair after just 3 treatments, much less than the commonly advertised 10 treatments. Exactly how many treatments you will require will depend on your hair colour, skin tone and body area you’re treating. The best way to get an accurate guide for you and your specific needs is to speak with our friendly team during a free consultation.

You can also visit our pricing page to see our everyday low prices by clicking on the button below:

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Although purchasing a package of 10 may sound like a great saving, it may turn out to be a false economy if you are having to pay for 10 treatments, rather than 3 or 4. It pays to shop around, ask what laser your clinic uses, how many treatments they expect you will need and what the total cost will be.

In the lead up to your treatment you should avoid excessive sun exposure and do not wax, pluck or bleach 4-6 weeks prior to your appointment. Treatments take around 5 minutes for a small area like the underarm or upper lip and around 10 minutes for chest or arms.


Next Steps

Book a free consultation with the laser and skin specialists at Detail Smoother Skin Clinic, Sydney. We will assess your skin and hair type and discuss how many treatments you will need and the total cost. If you already have an appointment booked at Detail Smoother Skin, you can easily add a free consultation to your booking by calling our friendly team on 02 9251 9966 (Detail Woman) or 02 9231 5999 (Detail for Men).

If you have never been to Detail Smoother Skin Clinic, you can either give us a call on 02 9251 9966 (Detail Woman) or 02 9231 5999 (Detail for Men), or click on one of the buttons below to ask a question or book a free consultation online now.

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